Indie Game: The Movie: A Recommendation

Started just my day to see the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. A documentary by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky who take up the strenuous work as an independent game developers go through when creating a game. The film revolves around three different game and its developer.

Fez, which was created by Phil Fish. The game soon got an award at the Indie Games Festival in 2008 and has since gone through more number of different versions and we’ll see how Phil Fish is struggling trying to finish his game after many years of continuous work.
Super Meat Boy is a joint project between Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. They are in the final phase of his work and shows how it feels to finally give out their game. The fact that after years of working maniacally to give out his game to the consumer.
Braid, developed by Jonathan Blow and each a great success 2008th What it’s like for him to have been giving out their game and meet all the comments the public had on his works.

This is a movie about the characters behind the games. How it might look like when a person put his soul into his work, why he chooses to do so and the emotional impact it has on the person. It’s hard not to empathize with these people who are going through one of those constant pressure from their work. Or feel gjädje for them when they have created is rewarded. When the work finally bear fruit.

4 Bob (s) of a possible 5


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