Don’t go alone

Pro tip #1

So, yes Dota 2’s got me. Big time. Whenever I get a free hour between work, school, you name it – I’m at it. And before I forget to mention it, I’m not that good. I like to think I am, in a master-mind tactician sort of way. And while at least the ‘mind’ part is true – as far as mindgames are concerned. I would probably be smashed in a real competitive setting.

Speaking of mindgames though. I rememeber a friend of mine telling me about how he used to play bad mindgames on his opponents in basketball. The ones where he made out with the other teams girlfriend the night before the game. In the occasional game of Dota I will tell the other team ‘Pro tips’ when they mess up trying to get the morale to fail. While not as bad, I’m starting to think it might be considered ‘bad sport’.

I saw the Amazing Spider-man, which wasn’t – contrary to what the title might hint – particularly amazing. I was of the impression that when rebooting a series it was to make something better than before. Even though a dozen Batman remakes probably should’ve made me reconsider. It just didn’t even live up to my, rather poor, expectations. With really weird cuts and strangely casted bullies (although not as bad as No. 4). Still I have to admit that there was some good acting in there.

I’ve also seemed to have developed some kind of immunity towards 3D. I can’t see things clearly moving around on the screen. I checked in my bathroom mirror and it seems my left eye lags when focusing. Sort of creepy.

Last, but not the least. I’ve just finished a Dance with Dragons. Which makes me spoiler free, at last. I never have to be nervous as soon as I see, or hear ‘Jon Snow’ or ‘Tyrion’. There were big cliff-hangers in their. And even more in the sneak peak chapter of the Winds. At the prospect of having to wait three or so years till the next book. I’m not too happy.



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