Fever-fest ’12 (pt 1)

And now finally Fever-fest ’12 has come to an end. It hasn’t been all that much fun this year either but at least we had an excuse to lay in bed, watch movies and not getting dressed for four days. As you may not recall, due to memory loss or the occasional nap. We jumped the gun starting the festival off with John Carpenter’s Halloween whilst some of you were still able to stand up straight without having to grip your head, hold it together so that it wouldn’t explode.

John Carpenter has directed such films as Escape from New York, The Thing and They Live. While I can appreciate some aspects of Halloween, mainly the inexpensive raw camera-work and the fantastic music bought on the courtesy of Mr. Carpenter himself. Although this is not what I would call a very good movie. I would say rather like to say that it’s quite bad. There’s one awful character who brings this movie down from being kinda-of-a-good-movie-for-what-it-is to being an-old-shitty-horror-flick. So going back to that one positive thing, which can sound sorta negative, I for one really like it when you can feel the handwork that has gone in the the movie. I like it when it’s imperfect and raw. I like to study the strings that are being pulled off-camera. Now that’s just me and most people most currently doesn’t like to see these and I accept that.

Are you having some flashbacks? Maybe some things are falling into place, somethings that you just passed of as some weird fever-dream really were in fact real, or rater weren’t real, just being played out in front of your eyes on screen. Well anyhow that was Friday and next up is of course Saturday.

The day started of with one of my favorite films, Almost Famous. Need I say more? It has great music, great actors, great script, great editing, great everything. If you dosed off and didn’t get a chance to see this movie then



and for those of you who laughed and cried along with me and others in the audience you don’t really need to continue reading as you already know how wonderfully this story was portrayed on screen.

(that said)Almost Famous is a story about a boy who leaves home to follow his dream and join up with an up-and-coming band in 1973 and write an article about them for the Rolling Stone Magazine. It’s also about a mother who let her son go out in to the big world and her feelings of having to protect him and longing for him to come back home, safe and whole. It also brings up the feeling like you’re better at what you do than the rest of the members in your band. And finally there’s also a love triangle in the mix as well. All this make up for a really great movie. Did I mention it being one of my favorite movies ever? It has some really great performances by Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the lead-role being played by Patrick Fugit (OT: who can also be seen in THIS “hey ash watcha playin’”-episode from E3 2011), and Zooey Deschanel indulges us with her fabulous eyes (note: I have a thing for eyes). If you’re a rock music fan of this era, or just a music fan in general you will enjoy the soundtrack and the on-tour antics that this movie has to offer. It also brings back some nostalgia for me, just seeing his notebook having all these band names written on it, I used to do that as well, iiiih!!(OBS: the sound of nostalgia).

After that amazing movie we went from one music lover to another. The next movie starts us of with a great song from one of the first psychedelic-rock bands and their big hit You’re Gonna Miss by The 13th Floor Elevators.

High Fidelity is based on a book by Nick Hornby. It’s about a guy, played by John Cusack ,who goes out on a quest to try and find out why all his romantic relationships has failed. And the movie starts of with him being dumped by his girlfriend, played by the danish actress Iben Hjejle. This movie also stars an awesome soundtrack, and nerd-talk about music that mostly goes way over my head. John Cusack’s character works in a record store together with two companion music-snobs played by Jack Black, who is fantastic in this movie as the all-out loud-mouthed rascal and Todd Louiso, who somehow can play his more quite and invert character next to Jack Black without feeling like he’s giving a lesser-performance.
This movie was really important for me once. I was a teenager and this movie brought up themes that at the times was very necessary. And it also showed me some music that I hadn’t heard before. But I don’t feel the way about this movie as I felt about it back then. It’s still a good movie but for me the magic is gone somehow.

Now that’s all from the first two days of Fever-fest ‘12. And as Almost Famous has already been discussed I can’t see this movie-weeknd(plus monday) having had anything better to offer, although there are six more films still needs to be remembered.

Until the next post:
Have a Nice Day!


PS: I hope you realized that this post wasn’t all horribly translated by Google Translate as my former post (Indie Game: The Movie: A Recommendation) was, and that you found it better for it.


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