Fever-Fest ’12 (pt 2)

So for the second post on the Fever-fest movie festival that went down just this past weekend we’ll be looking back on the third day of this magical event. The post for the first two days can be found right HERE. With such great movies as Almost Famous behind us we move forward right into Sunday and start this sniffle-heavy day of with a movie about family, boxing and drugs.

The Fighter stars Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale who portrays two brothers; Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund. Dicky is a former great boxer, who’s greatest accomplishment was beating down Sugar Ray Leonard in the ring in ’78. As of this movie Dicky is nothing more than a bragging crack-fiend who tries to hide his addiction from his family. Mickey is opposite his older brother a new promising boxer with great potential who’s getting held back by his families poor boxing-management.

I didn’t really care for this movie the first time I saw it. I just thought it was and OK movie. But now on a second viewing I can see that this movie is actually better than I first thought. It has some great performances from mainly Christian Bale, who also won an Oscar in the category Best Supporting Actor. Melissa Leo, who plays the brothers controlling mother gives a great performance and was also given an Oscar for her work in his movie. And Amy Adams in the role of Mickey’s new girlfriend who pushes him away from his family to try and get him to reach his full potential.

Now all this praise aside this movie has one, for me, really great flaw. The ending of this movie isn’t very good. I found it really cheesy and some aspects of it felt unmotivated to me. And it left this really bad taste in my mouth. After having seen this movie for 110 minutes and having had a great time the last 5 minutes just destroys this movie. And just to explain how bad the ending is I’ll just convey my feelings in the scene prior to the final fight. When they enter the arena and are walking towards the ring the song Here I Go Again by Whitesnake is playing. This is really not my kind of music, I really could be without this song otherwise. But in this scene, the way that they play it out it gave me goose-bumps and tears in my eyes. It filled me up with all these emotions, and then the last minutes of the last fight comes around and it just drags me down and I leave hating this movie.

Okay so with that horrible ending to an otherwise good movie we’ll try and cool ourself down with a movie set in a much cooler plays.

Fargo is a fantastic crime-film by the coen brothers who’ve brought us such great movies as Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men. In this movie we once again get to see Frances McDormand give another great performance as an professional cop who gets woken up early as there’s been a murder. We also get to see Steve Buscemi give an horrific depiction of an loud-mouthed small-time crook. The Swedish actor Peter Stormare is also in this movie as an quite and coldblooded criminal. And of course as is par for the course when it comes to the Coens we get a bunch of great and in there own ways interesting supporting characters.

This movie as many movies by the Coen Brothers treats us to a fabulous tone. It’s part silly with that unfamiliar dialect, and parts realistic with all the characters feeling like they are grounded in reality. And with some parts getting really gritty and violent this movie somehow gives off this really weird tone without it feeling like it’s feeling cheep for it.

Now we’re almost done with this, the third day of Fever-Fest ’12. The last movie that this day had to offer us is an directorial debut by one of my maybe favorite directors who has since reshaped the zombie landscape with 28 Days Later, explored humanity and space with Sunshine, and given us a colorful character-piece with 127 Hours.

Trainspotting is a story told from the perspective of a heroin addict played by Ewan McGregor. It’s a story about him and his circle of friends in Scotland during the depression in the late 1980’s. The Movie brings up themes of friendship, alienation, addiction and wanting to start-over. And about growing up in a country depraved by economical depression.

The gang is build up of a whole range of sympathetic and non-sympathetic. The movie introduces you to every character in a good way and you will never throughout the movie doubt any of the “friends” motivations. They all go through some very life-alternating things and they all have an well executed character arc. In the role-list besides Ewan McGregor we may recognize Robert Carlyle, he plays this older very hot tempered alpha-male. And Trainspotting was also the debut film for the Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald, who you may have seen in the HBO-series Boardwalk Empire and she’s voicing the main-character in Pixar’s newest film Brave.

Now this film is fantastical in the ways that it’s portrayed on film. It’s, from a visual perspective, sometimes very unrealistic and magical. It has walls extending in front of your eyes, sinking carpets and dive-able toilets. Although all this said it all makes sence(is well motivated) and for the viewer this is never something that brings you out of the film, it only lets you in. It let’s you into the characters perspective of the situation.

I just have to add that there’s this dream sequence in this movie that’s just amazing and I love it. It’s not the only amazing, love-able part in the movie though. I just had to give it it’s own sentence. Especially with all those fever-dreams that were happening all over the festival area.

Soundtrack-wise it’s a good bunch of music being used during this movies playtime. Having some really music-heavy sequences with music that really blends in well with the story.

So Trainspotting is great and if you haven’t seen it yet you definitely owe it to yourself to get your hands on a copy and watch it.

For this, the second post from Fever-Fest ’12, we’ve gone back to day three of this sweaty festival and gone from the crack-alleys of Lowell to the cold open-landscapes of Minnesota to the heroin-dens of Edinburgh. I hope you’re soon fully recovered and can look back on this now past weekend with some sense of joy, there were some great movies to be seen at least. We’ll see you in the third and final post from this coughing-intense event.

Until then:
Have a Nice Day!



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