Know your alignment


With the Dark Knight Rises premiering today we thought it would be fitting to have a Batman themed comic. This  isn’t as much a comic as it is a study in the alignment of Batman. Is his real purpose to rid Gotham of scum, or does he do it as a morbid hobby. He will put people at risk to make sure that his enemies won’t die before they can face the jury and be sent to the asylum – which they eventually escape from. Why would he do this if not to make them suffer and bring chaos to Gotham. His profile with a traumatic childhood, photographic memory, intelligence, discipline  matches that of his so called “enemies”. Might be that Batman is the only villain that gets away with his madness because it is directed at criminals, though he himself taking the law into his own hands making him just that. Commisioner Gordon turns to him, despairing as he can’t seem to battle the hordes of ‘bad guys’. This doesn’t however really justify bending the law that Batman absolutely never would in the aforementioned case.  His moral agenda seems to be lost even to himself.

Summer-time is reading time. Even though I haven’t taken that much time to read since my vacation started. But here’s what I’ve been reading since I caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire.

The first book that I started reading is one that I’ve been looking to read for some time. Practically everyone has recommended me this book. Might be because it is another international best-seller from Sweden, but I hoped that it would be bacause it was a great book. People also warned me that it would be rather slow in the first 150 pages. I didn’t find that, but I can see that people would say that as the main character is so against taking the offer that he is given, even though it says on the back that he will. This is the reason that I try not to read the cover before I get into a book. There can be some devastating spoilers on those covers. Also the english title is rubbish. I know that it is supposed to conenct the books in the trilogy, but why. Lisbeth’s got a dragon tatoo, yes, but the story is about men that hate women; a much better title. All those things aside I must say that I enjoyed reading this piece. The story is told in third person and follows the main characters mainly, though the narrative is sometimes passed to other characters half-way through a scene. At first I was comepletely lost trying to get my head around why I was inside this characters head all of a sudden. But it really extended the experience. I liked that the ending wasn’t what you ever expected. And that over-all the book wasn’t at all dumbed-down as we see to often.

The next book I read was a slightly shorter one. The Art of War by the ancient chinese war general Sun Tzu. In this book he breaks down war into the simplest parts. He considers the obvious and states principles that are as true today. Even though the way in which we war today has changed, and maybe we don’t even fight wars at all these are good principles. To be honest, I  read this book mainly because of my interest in Dota. And I can say that it has improved my game. Some things I had figured out, but I gained a ton of great things from this book. The nature of the things that are spoken of in this book could be applied to anything. There are many examples where it has been applies to modern business, because it is really all about gaining advantage over another and maintaining oneself.

Finally, the bok that I’m reading right now is The Picture of Dorian Gray. I get this urge to read a classical work every now and then, and as someone recently mentioned this book in some context that I just can’t remember. I just had to read it. It is no secret that Wilde knew his way around words, and in this his only novel he uses them to make fun of art. The preface concludes that ‘All art is quite useless.’ and claims some things that still ring true today. In one line he states that ‘There is no thing as a moral or an immoral book. A book is well written or badly written. That is all’. It is generally accepted among critics of art that if beauty is there, it is art and it is good. Art is not supposed to say this or that about morals and if it does it is not truly art. It bothers me every time I see a film with a great moral but badly written, acted and edited. That this film does not have a value in art, I cannot find any beauty except that of moral. Then art must be ,as stated by Wilde, ‘quite useless’.




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