Heavy Spoil



Here we go again, this time with spoilers. It’s been a busy week, and I will be away all of next week – meaning – there won’t be a comic next week. It is to the great and ancient city of Rome that I will be going. Becoming another tourist. I am quite excited to see Rome for real, as opposed to the Assassin’s Creed version. Most of my time, though, will probably be spent eating a lot of that italian ice-cream. Oh ice-cream.

We went to see the Rise of the Dark Knight last friday, and it did live up to the hype. Nolan certainly knows how to create a film going from each high to the next and finishing on the highest high. Like some sort of mountain climb. I realized late that I probably should have watched the earlier two movies in preparation, but meh.

Peoples lent me the first volumes of the Walking Dead and as I brought them home my wife took one out and asked me about it. She is of the mindset that zombies are ugly features of very gory, plot-lacking films. So she pulls it out, laughs at the zombies on the cover, continues on through laughing at the ugly as she browses the volume. Then something weird happens. She goes back to the start, and reads it all the way through. And it apparently wasn’t enough, as she swallowed the next two volumes too, begging persson to get the rest of the series so that I can borrow them – giving her the opportunity to read them. Somehow Kirkman seems to have been able to translate the Zombie to people that don’t necessarily like the Zombie-film. I’d say that it’s quite a feat.





One thought on “Heavy Spoil

  1. The Walking Dead is a great comic! Love it! The series is quite good as well. Just not as good as the Comic.

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