When in Rome…





I’ve been back for a bit, but been busy moving. Also this comic, it didn’t really turn out as I would’ve hoped. Coming back from Rome I had a dozen ideas, to which the other homies added quite a few more. I settled with this in the end. I might be too hard on myself, as it is my first three-window-comic. We’ll see if I won’t go down to two again, even though the best thing would be to drop all of my unnecessary detail.

Other than reading, I’ve also started uni again which is great. Probably because I don’t have to be in an office doing strictly work stuff from 9-5.

A thing a came up with the other day is “Calculus in Dota”. I made some equations for different things in Excel. I think it would be awesome to do some more. Weighing in pros and cons to different items and stats. I think this might actually be several posts, some other day.

Lastly. I’m getting a new computer, and after being lost in the immense jungle of gpu, cpu and all the other -pu’s and the inconsistency that exists as a chasm between those numbers on the cards and the performance. Luckily there are people that find their way in these jungles too. After consulting them and a local enthusiasts-website I was finally able to squeeze the most out my coins and build my own rig. Which is lucky as I almost bought an inferior more expensive computer.

That’s all, cheers



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