Keats and Yeats are on your side, but you lose

The Wylde effect.

Now the past week has been quite awesome with my new computer arriving. I put it together, but must have forgot the audio since the earphone plug on the front doesn’t work :/ And I still haven’t been bothered to open it up once more to check. Even though the loss of sound makes me miss all kinds of messages on Steam and I’ve noticed that it’s alot harder playing Dota without sound, at least the way I play it.

I initially liked the idea of doing physics exercises online, but after second guessing myself a dozen times and spending 12+ hours on the same exercise to realize that it wants the answer rounded differently. Now the thought of having to do several of these each week for the coming months is rather discomforting.

The theory though of this subject, being waves, brought a renewed appriciation for Gauss. I don’t know the details of him, but every time his names comes up in class – it is to make life easier. This time, it was his law. And with this law making all the electro-magnetic field calculations easier I just had to go to facebook and like him. And if that isn’t the nerdiest thing ever I don’t know what that would be.

Also there was alot of buzz concerning coats, probably with the upcoming autumn season, on the Z4. Aarvid pulled out a ‘Carry-on Coat’, which is particularly weird. Apparently designed for people who don’t like carry-on bags, or people who would like to lose their luggage to pickpockets. And the whole thing gave me rather weird ideas that might be published in comics henceforth.

Anyway, I better head off to uni.

Cheers, butt.



One thought on “Keats and Yeats are on your side, but you lose

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