Next generation and WDPDWTWTD?

So, I finally have a new computer. Which means that I can play Dota on the highest graphical settings. Awesome. But since I got a next-gen rig it feels a bit sad. Also I messed up the perspective in the comic :/. Perspective and anatomy, every hobby-cartonists worst enemy. But hey, today we introduce a new homie, the 4½th one. Captain. He’s a cat, which you might have noticed. And he’s got all those strange and messed up quirks that cats do have. We’ll explain that more in future comics.

I’ve also been playing some Tiny Tower last week. It is a strange game, but it really makes me understand my landlord. I don’t care the least for who lives in my apartments as long as they have good grades. If they are unhappy, what does it matter as long as they pay the rent? A sinister little game.

There is a question that has been bothering me the last week. “Why don’t people do what they want to do?”. We all have things that we want to do, but somehow we don’t.  For example, I’ve wanted to be a writer for like, ever. Even if that ever isn’t more than 8 years. I’ve yet to write anything longer than five pages. So why don’t we do these things that we dream of? It is weird. I guess that this blog is something of a reaction in this general direction. Doing something we want to do, because we want to. It is scary though. In all kinds of ways. Who might read our blog? Who won’t? What will they think of our crappy comics? Will they laugh at our language skills?

I guess that it is fear that stops people from doing the things they want to. But other reasons I can think of are because you realize you don’t want to do something or you lack the momentum for one reason or another.

So what would I do to change this? Momentum is defined as mass * velocity. And velocity is distance/time. To increase our momentum we need to do more things (increase mass), bring things farther and decrease the time it takes us to do it.

Then courage, to overcome fear. Knowledge to understand the things we might not want to do. Maybe faith in the things that we want to do.

Well, it seems to me this post took on a bit of a philosophical attitude.





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