Life’s a lich

This actually happened. I don’t know whether the professor is big into some kind of other-side personal coaching of students, or if he just got bad humour like the rest of us.

Peoples is gone. He went to Germany to stay there for the rest of 2012. They said there might not be internet wherever he would be stationed. I didn’t even realize there were places like that anymore. However. We haven’t heard from him since.

I started playing mass effect yesterday when I had finally conquered the last exam. It didn’t go too well with my stress-relief-headache. I would’ve hoped that there would’ve been some greater improvement to the gameplay. There’s a bit. But levelling is still quite boring, and there are only this many ways to specialize. I’m also annoyed that I lost my save.

The paragon/renegade system is way more good/evil in this one. I thought it had some potential to not be like all the other games. Actions in dialogues are good, but I think they would be alot greater without the “HEY YOU’RE GOING TO SHOOT THAT SCREEN AND GO RENEGADE ON HIS ASS”. It comes without saying.

Anyhow, that’s it for this week.





One thought on “Life’s a lich

  1. Incoming message from Germany:
    There are svastikas hidden every where down here.

    Nice comic by the way.
    I can get a 24 hour internet access for 1€. Alles gut otherwise.

    PS: who wants an Dota 2 invite? I can hook them up.

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