I checked out the 18 minutes with Ted and Fuse. And this was my first impression. Seemed like just another shooter other than that. Not what I had anticipated when I saw the Overstrike trailer back then.

Last week Netflix appeared on my PS3, and it felt like Christmas. Especially as I get the rest of the year free because I already have Spotify. So I started watching Breaking Bad.

One does not simply break bad and that is made clear. I do see where the excitement comes from in this case. An incredibly thick plot that just doesn’t slow down, even a little bit, after six episodes.  I’m stuck. I made one mistake though, watching it during lunch, while eating. Certain scenes aren’t in any way compatible with the eating of food.

Also continuing my quest in Mass Effect. Even though I don’t really get on terms with this game, I appear to be, yet again, drawn in by the atmosphere. It’s so thick, and like palpable. And though the characters from the first game turn their back on me one by one I appear to be liking the game. I would’ve enjoyed some more freedom too investigate all this strange stuff that has been going on for like 2 years. And digging into Cerberus to bring out the skeletons. But I guess that’s not going to happen. And maybe for a reason, I’ve been known to judge a plot way too early before.

Shepard’s got a completely new personality. It feels like I didn’t really know the guy, but everyone tells me I’m the exact same. Though, this is definitely something for next weeks comic.




One thought on “Fusion

  1. I want to buy that Smiths t-shirt.

    Oh, you’ve started watching Breaking Bad. Fantastic show! How far into The Last Airbender have you come? I haven’t really been watching to much Cowboy Bebop, to little freetime between work and afterwork 😀

    Impressions from Germany:
    Germans are lucky that right and left start with the same letters in germany otherwise they would listen to all their music backwards.

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