Bobo’s x3 13/01/12


Hello there reader, I’m Simon and here are three pieces of entertainment which I’ve chosen to share my opinions on. Here goes:

Live is a 30 minute stand-up set from Comedian Tig Notaro. It’s an audio recording of a show she did in Los Angeles this August. I’d never heard of her before a ‘This American Life’-episode (476: What Doesn’t Kill You) were they aired some parts of this album. I haven’t got the  biggest knowledge of Stand-up comedy, I’ve watched some live shows including all of Louis CK’s live DVD’s (I’m a really big fan of his) and some others. But I haven’t got a huge knowledge of the more obscure comedians out there.notaro

Well, this stand-up album can probably be seen as a little unorthodox. It’s a set in which she tells the audience that she’s just gotten the news that she’s got breast-cancer. And the whole 30 minutes is just her talking about her life and cancer and the effect this has had on her life. It’s a perfect balance of tragedy and comedy delivered in a really sincere way. And she seems to be speaking straight from her heart instead of just going through some old routine.

So if you, like me, like to listen to something different then go purchase Tig Notaro’s newest album Live. It’s available over at iTunes for $4.99.


The Unfinished Swan is a artistic adventure game from a small independent game-studio, Giant Sparrow. In the game you play a young boy who walks into a painting and finds the fantastical world which exists inside. When the game begins you are put in front of a completely white screen, and by pressing a button the boy throws out a ball of black paint. This paints the world around you so you can navigate through this otherwise white, empty-looking, landscape.unfinished swan

I first saw this game in a video from the Independent Games Festival back in 2009 and it won me over straight away with it’s original look. The game came out this October and I didn’t get around to playing it before last week. I purchased it because I wanted to support that little game which got me so interested a couple of years prior. And I wasn’t all that excited about it now, I thought that if they haven’t got anything else to offer me apart of that one mechanic then this game will be rather short or really tedious to play. And well, they’ve put in some-other things in there that are kind of nice. They got a neat little story to tell about the boy and his decease mother, and the king who created the world that you’re exploring. And there are some other mechanics in there as well.

This game looks amazing. It’s a minimalistic style that works really well and it’s nice to just walk around take in the scenery in this game. Visually it reminded me of DICE’s Mirror’s Edge at some points.

Well, this game is hard for me to recommend whole heartedly. It’s not a bad game and I had fun seeing its world and hearing its story. But it feels like the best point of this game was seeing the first dot of ink being tossed on that white background in that video back in ’09. The wonderful, amazing shock-value which this mechanic could have giving me had been spoiled. This game does have other stuff, like a OK story and some great visuals. But well, I didn’t like it as much as I hoped I would. Oh, yeah and also, the ending of this game felt really rushed.

So that’s The Unfinished Swan a game with a foretold opening and an abrupt ending with some good things in the middle. It’s an Playstation 3-exclusive that can only be bought through their online store.

Safety Not Guaranteed a movie directed by Colin Treverrow and written by Derek Connolly, starring Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass. It’s a quirky comedy-romance movie with some science-fiction twists to it. The movie is told from the perspective of Darius, played by Plaza, who’s an intern at a magazine company. She’s a quirky person who doesn’t really like her place in life. One of the journalists at the company one day suggests that they could write a story about a guy who put in a classified ad, seeking someone to assist him on his journey back in time. And Darius and another intern gets brought along.

SnGI have a hard time with this movie. Most of it was just uninteresting to me. First of all I can have a hard time with Aubrey Plaza as an actress sometimes. I love her character in Parks and Recreation, and by that I mean I have a crush on her. Yet in this I go back and forth on her acting, sometimes I find it to be too detached, maybe, I’m having a hard time describing it. I think that Mark Duplass does a good job in this movie as do all the other guys.

Although there’s one who really stole the show for me and that was Jake Johnson. He plays a douche-bag journalist who pitches the idea of interviewing the guy who put in that classified ad. But what he actually wanted to do was to go back to his hometown just to hook up with his high-school ex-girlfriend. The sub-plot of this character really got me, for some reason.

So I’ve thought about this movie a lot and I remember how I used to love movies like this one. These weird quirky comedy-romance movies that usually also comes with a great soundtrack including a lot of indie-pop music. I’m thinking of movies like Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Garden State, 500 Days of Summer and High-Fidelity (Eternal Sunshine being the only one which I still really like, one of my all-time favorite). It might have been that there were a part in my life where this movie would have fit right in and that I’ve now have out-grown it.

That’s that then Tig Notaro’s comedy album, Giant Sparrow’s video-game and a comedy-romance movie with a touch of science-fiction.

Ha en bra dag!


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