Of dubious historical accuracy


While not as historically accurate as last weeks comic, well, there might be more truth to it than I would care to admit.

I am yet to determine what new show to watch. Persson said I should watch Arrested Development, but I didn’t like it last time I watched it. I guess that could’ve changed, but there’s nothing pulling me in about that show. So I thought let’s watch Fringe instead, but the trailer totally turned me off. It’s like Primer has destroyed me for almost every sci-fi show ever. I think that it might also have something to do with studying engineering. There’s just so many things that you don’t buy, because you know what all these words they throw around really mean. I don’t really want to watch Supernatural either. And S3 of the Walking Dead doesn’t seem like a good idea after suffering through most of S2. I might be too picky when it comes to tv shows.

In our common dropbox folder, we have a folder named “Creative”. In this folder we are all creative, there’s drafts for screenplays, projects, business ideas and so on. Recently Persson added an idea for a game, and since I’m studying programming at the moment I thought I would turn it into something. And it’s on.

Also, it was great to see JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell together. This is somethign we’ve all been waiting for since the G-Man like scenes and Gordon-references in Lost, and definitely since Cloverfield.






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