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Here I am, back again. This week I’ll be sharing a space-opera comic, a game for your phone and the newest film from director Martin McDonagh. Enjoy!


The Ocean is a strange and horrible place, and sometimes from that big and deep space we get a glimpse of the kind of strange, weird, disgusting “animals” that spend their lifetimes down there. They get born and die in a pitch-black hole underneath the pressures of the oceans. Now if we take our eyes away from this hell-hole where we dump all our poop and waste and instead look up into the depths of space. If you think that the ocean is big and scary what do you think of the vast eternal last frontier? And now as you’re looking into the abyss you don’t want to know what’s looking back at you. Or do you?

Saga gives you a glimpse into this undiscovered territory and shows you a fantastical, somewhat scary world. Through the beautiful art by comic-book artist Fiona Staples and Brian Keller Vaughan’s writing we explore these unfamiliar lands. They let us follow the journey of a newly formed family of three as they try to escape the war between their home worlds. It’s an Romeo and Juliet inspired story. Here told with the characters; Alana who’s a former female soldier for her home planet Landfall, her people got wings which grants them the power of flight. And Marko a former soldier for his home moon Wreath. His people grow horns on their heads and have magical abilities. Together they made a half-breed between their two different species, their daughter Hazel.


The comic is narrated by Hazel as she tells you the story of her life, starting from the very beginning. Her parents are on the run from numerous people who are trying to capture them. And as much as we get to follow Alana and Marko, we also get to see the lives of their pursuer. A bounty-hunter named The Will and his companion Lying Cat and IV Prince from the Robot Kingdom (he’s got a TV for a head).

I like the epic adventure of this story. How you don’t really know which way things will go next. You don’t know what kind of problem will arise at the end of the issue, nor how they will get passed it in the upcoming issue. And all the characters/monsters that we see as well. A character named The Stalk is one of the more horrifying characters I’ve ever seen.

Apart from the chaotic nature of the comic there are themes of war and pacifism. How do you stop a war that has gone on for so long? A war that’s passed on from generation to generation.

I love this comic and will keep on reading it. The 10th issue just came out, and I haven’t read it yet, but I really need to.

Also this is the first digital comic I’ve read through the digital comics app Comixology. I use it on my phone, and I think it works fine. Sure I would like to buy myself a Nexus 7 or some other tablet to be able to read it on a bigger screen, but my phone will do for now. The first 47 page long issue of saga is also free on Comixology, so that’s a good thing.


My name is Bobo, and I haven’t stolen any virtual golden idols in a Indiana Jones inspired video game in the last ninety minutes. The first time I got my avatars hands on a golden idol in a Indiana Jones inspired video game, oh I don’t remember it was so long ago. It might go back to my childhood with one of the earlier Tomb Raider games. Back then it wasn’t anything all too serious, me, my brother and my cousin would gather round my grandmothers computer and occasionally giggly as the camera would get squashed between Lara’s pixelated bottom and a wall.

Back then it wasn’t all that much about the golden idols in a Indiana Jones inspired video game, it was more about having access to something new and something fun. Then years later, having Lara’s old poorly portrayed bum far in the back of my head Nathan Drake came along. We got to follow Nathan Drake on three very exciting thrilling adventures as he chased down hidden treasures. But while I played for the adventure I re-played for those virtual golden idols. They were everywhere you just had to look, and oh how I looked.

Less we forget the harsh mistress Spelunky, a Indiana Jones inspired game that made us suffer for those virtual golden idols. Spikes, darts, monsters, steep falls just to come close and when we grabbed it, the virtual golden idol, then we had to run. Holding it tightly in our virtual arms we fun passed the spikes, dodged the darts and climbed ropes to get away from the deadly stone that sought to break us.

Oh, virtual golden idols in a Indiana Jones inspired video game, what won’t I go through to get you?

Temple Run 2 is basically the end of the opening set-piece of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You grab the golden idol then the games character starts running. The running is away from a black bear-ish looking creature. And while you’re on the run you have to avoid different objects that lies in your way. Swiping down to glide under fallen trees or up to jump over holes in the road or to the sides to round a corner. You must also tilt you’re device to change the position of your runner. And because running away from a murderous monster frankly can be quite boring there are coins or different upgrades for you to grab. The coins can be used to upgrade those upgrades, which consists of for example magnets for more coins or a speed boost.


After each death (because you’re escape is down an endless road) you are brought to a page where you’re score is summed up. There are also different missions you can try and achieve during each game, for example you could grab 5 gems during one run or gather up a total of 1.000.000 coins grabbed. These missions grants you experience which grants you new character levels which in turn gives you better upgrades.

This game has some flaws. The one big complaint I’ve got is the tilt controls, I feel that there’s a bit of an latency to them. This I think is most noticeable during the parts where you’re in a mining cart going down some rails in a tunnel. These areas requires some quick reflexes from the player. You have to tilt you’re cart quickly from one one side to the next or you’ll go down a dead end and die. I also don’t like the missions very much, they feel uninteresting. Most of them don’t require any skill just that you invest time and play the game alot. Look at an other endless high-score based game, Jetpack Joyride, which has some really fun missions for you to try and complete during each game.

Yet I’ve probably played this more then I should have. It’s just so easy to pick up thinking you will play one game ending up playing multiple different runs before you put it down.

The game is a free download for iOS and Android.


Seven Psychopaths, I’d heard some good things about you and that’s what made me seek you out to spend some time with you. I honestly can’t say that they lied about you, you have some good things to offer. But what they didn’t tell me about you was the rest outside of those things. You’re rather uneven and while I might keep those better parts in mind the overall experience will probably fade psychopaths

It’s a black comedy with lots of blood-spurting violence. A tale of Marty (Colin Farrell) a writer and hes friends Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Han (Christopher Walken) as they try to get away from murderous mafia boss (Woody Harrelson). Marty is in the early stages of his latest script, Seven Psychopaths.

There are some cool short stories told from Marty’s script through out the script. And at one point an idea for the script is told by Billy, it’s a scene with lots of fun action. Sam Rockwell gives a great performance in this film as well.

Besides these two things I can’t really think of anything positive to tell you about this movie. I just found it to be really uneven and sloppy. It doesn’t have any weight to it and besides Sam Rockwell I didn’t really care that much about any of the other characters. And towards the end even his character started feeling boring to me.

I really didn’t like this movie, it just felt like it tried to be a fun corny action comedy film with a commentary on the violence in film. But failed at being a fun B-movie action flick and instead it’s just another B-movie action flick.


Well there we have it a fantastic comic, an OK addictive game and an bad black comedy action film.

Hope to see you again soon!

Ha en bra dag!

PS: If you haven’t played Spelunky yet, do it! It’s free, it’s fun and it will probably work on you’re computer. There’s a version out for x-box 360 as well, but it’s not as free as the PC version.


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