It’s just a bunch of organised noise! (Dec ’12 – Feb ’13)


Let’s get it on!

This is a little something special, now that March (first month of spring) has begun. And as we feel the cold dead claws of winter melt away to give room for happier times, why don’t we take some time to reflect. Reflect on what I’ve been listening to these past three months. Some of these tracks got released pre-December and I included them anyway.

MY music, MY RULES!

Caravan Palace is a electro-swing group from France. According to wikipedia they got started back in 2005 after three of the members got offered to make soundtracks for silent pornographic movies. I wonder how big this silent porno-scene is, one should research.

This track is from their latest album, Panic, which got released a year ago.

Foxygen is a experimental indie-rock band from the states. This track is from their second album, ‘We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic’, (catchy titles right?) which got released back in January.

I like how this track transforms between different styles. Beginning in one place to transform into something else just to quickly change again.

FIDLAR is a punk-rock band that seems to come from some surf/skate-culture scene in the sunny Los Angeles. This is a fast song with the simple chorus “I drink cheap bear, so what, fuck you”, a chorus which always manages to get me to sing along to it.

Disclosure is a UK electronic duo. This track being a colaboration with another UK electronic duo, AlunaGeorge. Both groups have albums set for release this year.

James Blake released his self-titled debut album 2011 and got a lot of attention for it. I had a short intense James Blake-period beginning with the first time I heard ‘Limit To Your Love‘.

Now this is his new single giving you even more of that electro-soul.

A$AP Rocky is one of the rappers from New York based hip-hop collective A$AP Mob. He put out a critically-acclaimed mixtape back in 2011 and in January got his debut album released. This is Hell a song from that album witch also features singer Santigold(you might have heard Disparate Youth). His album got some mixed reviews, but I’ve listened to this track and F**kin’ Problems, mostly as I’m working out.

John Grant is great! I really enjoyed his solo debut album Queen of Denmark and here is the title-track from his upcoming second album Pale Green Ghosts. He has left the folk-rock sound of the first album behind to here make a more synth-pop sounding record. The album comes out this Monday (11/3).

Phosphorescent is a american singer-songwriter. I haven’t listened all that much to his music but I LOVE this track. It’s a beautiful soft-rock sounding song about heartbreak. It’s without a doubt the track that I’ve listened most to out of this list, just behind John Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts.

The Strokes is probably the band on this list who doesn’t need any introduction. They got their success back in the early aughts with tracks like Someday and Last Nite. Here we hear a up-beat fast-paced synth-heavy track. They also release a more traditional Strokes song called All the Time, but out of the two I like One Way Trigger more.

Yeah and then I just want to shove this in here as well:

Yeah it’s a little peak into Daft Punk’s current project. I’ve had the looped version running all morning:

So there you go, 9 tracks and a fifteen seconds teaser.

Have a nice spring now!


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