On ambulatory bucket-kickers


This is a rant.

I thought to myself, in the short respite after mid-terms. That I would find it in my heart to give The Walking Dead TV show another chance for the third season. Because, thought I, there is a lot of potential there. Thus I ventured to watch the first episode.

The dialog strikes me first, for massive damage. It is lacking so much substance, and logic. I never for a second believe in any of the words that comes out of there mouths. Atleast the survivors.

Then, all the things moving around in the background, not the least of them dead(?) zombies. And whoever mowed the lawn at that prison did an awesome job.

And Michonne! She moves around awkwardly touching that thing on her back. How did it get there or What is it even? An umbrella? Looks like she’s never handled it in her whole life.

Did anyone ever think anything through here? Like the scene where Michonne walks her zombies over those trees. Somehow they know to follow her, and lift their legs over the branches so that they won’t trip. There’s an aweful lot of fine motor skill for two dead guys.

Luckily I got to borrow the final WoT novel, and thus I can try to forget that this show ever excisted.





ambulatory bucket.kickers


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