Film review: Redline

REDLINE invites you to a world of (beyond) high-speed racing. Machines driven beyond orthodox understandings of gravity and physics. Engines pushing themselves to the brink of their drivers physical-capacity. Speed-stripes isn’t cutting it anymore and colorful is an understatement. In the world of Redline racing meets anime to form a ridiculous world of rocket-engineering and asphalt destruction.

Redline post x1

The film starts of in the end parts of an ongoing race. There are animal humanoid creatures, robots and some vanilla Homo sapiens on the track blazing towards the finish-line. Our protagonist, sweet JP, one of to humans in the race, drops a pill-like fuel-source into his tank to accelerate his speed and zig-zags between his opponents for a chance of being the first to cross the finish-line  Meters from home his tire gets torn-off giving every other racer the opportunity to pass him, as his vehicles screech against the track.

From this exploding opening the movie dips in its excitement. There are only two races in this movie and you might say that “well you can’t keep this crazy high-speed racing all the way through this 90 minute feature”, then maybe you would speak the truth, but the boring meaninglessness that occupies the space between the two more intriguing events of this movie just feels like filler.

So after the first race they declare the location of the next redline-event, Roboworld a planet populated by paranoid cyborgs. So after the announcement the president of the planet makes a statement saying that he doesn’t approve of the racing taking place on his planet and he starts preparing a defense against the race competitors. And I don’t know what kind of power the people behind the Redline competitions have but somehow they make a race (semi-)possible on the hostile heavily armed robot-planet. And the reason for the defensive actions taken by the robo-president becomes clear as the film goes on, but then when that story-line reaches its peak it gets tossed to the side quickly to give room for other more important things, and is made clear that I was just filler and an excuse to have the race take place inside a battleground.

redline post x2

If you’ve ever seen a race of any kind you might know that the two more important things you need to know about the race is the positions of every competitor and how close they are to finishing the race. I mean if you don’t have this basic information then you don’t know if the one you are cheering for has a chance to win or has already lost, you need to know what’s going on to find the racing experience exciting. I’m bringing this up because the big race which this tale has been building up towards fails on these points. From the beginning up to just before the end of the race I have no idea about whats going on. I brought a quote from the movie just to show that the creators of this movie maybe doesn’t either:

“Looks like JP’s made it to Zone XXXXXXX somehow.”

somehow JP made it to Zone XXXXXXX, SOMEHOW JP made his way from point X to point Y on a track of unknown length and now only have Z kilometers (?) left of the race. *sigh*

So the climax of this engine blaring anime once again hits it’s comfort zone. We have two cars dropping larger and more extreme pills into their fueltanks to reach speeds unknown to man. Explosions ensuing and car parts getting ripped of during the race to the finishline. It’s like built like a good dance song, building up forever and breaking apart just to build up towards an even higher point on the awesomo-meter.

My younger six year old brother watched these last minutes with me and him being a huge fan of cars, racing, things that go fast and make make your ears bleed while doing it enjoyed it a lot and actually wanted to watch it from the beginning. But because of some scenes involving naked anime-sized breasts and some bloody violence I had to tell him no, no this isn’t a movie made for entirely made for you.

Yes, so no this movie isn’t the exciting surreal racing movie it appearce to be in the opening. It’s a nice looking movie, though, with an amazing artstyle. This might be one of the prettier animes I’ve seen but that doesn’t make up for the boring midsection of the movie.



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