E3 Press Conference 2013 – Electronic Arts

E3 2013
continues with another press conference, this one being from the big video games publisher EA presenting the future and viewpoint for their games going forward. Peter Moore comes on stage letting us know we have eleven brand new games to look forward to during this presentation.

Popcap gets up on stages after showing a  trailer for their latest third-person tower-defense game Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Plants vs Zombies is getting a sequel, just got a Facebook game and will now also be on the next generation gaming consoles with this silly multiplayer spin-off. They ended their part of the conference with just screaming Peggle 2 and running off stage.

Titanfall being given a lot more time during Microsoft’s press conference. EA shows you a video featuring a bunch of members of the development team at Respawn studios talking about the game. The emphasize was very obviously on being a fun game. I wonder if this could be the point where we stop being all about the gritty realistic triple A titles and start having a little bit of fun.

EA also wanted to share with you the fact that they mostly use two different video game-engines for all there games.



being used in their EA-sport titles and

Frostbite 3


developed by Stockholm based DICE, powering pretty much everything else. Why this was something important to share with everyone I don’t know. I guess it could be nice for the developers of EA to have two standard engines to be working with.

Afterwards there came a short concept trailer letting us know that DICE is working on a new Star Wars: Battlefront game. EA got an exclusive game license from Disney to make all the Star Wars games for them. What I want to see is a Star Wars skin for Battlefield pretty much, I don’t think you can mess that up.

Also, leave it up to the Swedes to give you a snowy Hoth battle.

EA’s driving game series Need For Speed gets a new game with Need For Speed: Rivals. Here they told us a lot about blurring the lines between single and multiplayer, how the player will start a race in singleplayer then get chased by a cop through multiplayer. There were also a mention of tablet support for the game having friends help you out from their tablet.

Aaron Paul (aka Jessie Pinkman) entering the stage declaring his love for gaming. Aaron Paul is also the lead actor in the upcoming movie based on the Need For Speed, which they showed a little making of trailer for here. I won’t embed it though, don’t wanna waste your time.

A new trailer for upcoming Bioware game Dragon Age: Inquisition which is set for release this fall doesn’t really tell me much. Fans of this role-playing fantasy series probably get more out of it, although it doesn’t seem to be anything too exciting.

The EA Sports section of the press conference was full of sport, promises and celebrities. Starting of with a spoken word performance to segway into the dribble of the basketball in the NBA-games and how the team has improved this detail of the game. Then over to the movement of the players in Madden and how the AI needed to be more smooth. Here is where famous rapper Drake appears. In newest Fifa they’ve put a lot of work into the audience to make them behave realistically (let’s hope theirs a hooligan mini game). Here is where Dana White held a monologue about two men violently beating on each other being the first sport ever. Then some developer expressing what’s new about this years edition of UFC.

Two employees from DICE take to the stage to show us some gameplay from Battlefield 4. Here it’s much more open than it seemed to be during the Microsoft’s press conference, a 64 player multiplayer game set in a modern city. One of the players is equipped with a tablet and can over-see the map and give commands to the other players in his team.

With that skyscraper hitting the ground DICE ended their live multiplayer demo for Battlefield 4. Although this wasn’t all EA had to show from the Swedish developer.


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