E3 Contest: 50+ Steam Titles

As it is the last day of E3 we have deviced  to host a contest with several amazing prizes.

We have watched all of the conferences and written about them. But we would like to hear from you. What was awesome about E3 this year, or did it suck? Was Watch Dogs gameplay all you ever dreamed of?

My favourite part was the DRM war, or how Sony got the best chance ever to get back at Microsoft.


40+ Dota 2 Beta Access Keys


6  Steam Trading Card Game Beta Keys

We also have copies of Left 4 Dead 2, Gish, Cogs and Cortex Command which will be distributed to the best comments on E3 2013.

Want to claim one of the great prizes? Great, here’s what you do.

1. Take a stand on E3 2013, vote in the poll.

2. Explain why you vote this way in the comment section below.

3. Tell us what prize you would like to receive.

4. Don’t forget to add your Steam ID!!! So that we can add you on steam and get you your prize.

Ready, set, vote!



7 thoughts on “E3 Contest: 50+ Steam Titles

    • Nintendo really did have alot of great games to show off. I mean, new Smash Bros., new Super Mario and a new Pokémon. Aswell as the Pokemon Aime, what’s the deal with that name though, Aime, like in the REGGINATOR?!

      And Sony sure did pound it with the used games.

      Also, seems like the contest is going slow today. There’s a huge chance that you will win the L4D2.

      • Well, that’s good to know. I really think Nintendo and Sony did well in separate ways, but Sony barely hit higher than Nintendo, but that’s just my opinion.

    • I thought Microsoft really hit it home this E3. They showed us more titles which we hadn’t seen more, and some actual gameplay. Sony mostly repeated their show from February only this time talking about used games instead of the hardware. These were choices made by the two and Microsoft’s choice of having a somewhat boring Xbox one event gave them the upper-hand this E3.

      Although I’m probably not going to buy either, not at launch anyway. I have a way too long steam back-list to be able to justify a console purchase.

      And Ubisoft and EA shouldn’t be forgotten as they showed of The Division, which looked GREAT. And Battlefield 4, sure you could argue that Battlefield’s just another military shooter, BUT THEY DEMOLISHED AN ENTIRE SKYSCRAPER, MAN!

      I’m purposefully not mentioning Nintendo’s set of trailers.

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