In My Head: Watch Dogs E3

Welcome to the new feature “In My Head”. Where you get the unabridged and uncensored version of whatever sauce is my mind feed.

A phone. Nice, looks like Android. He should be using Swipe while texting. They sure have lot’s of surveillance in Chicago. Aren’t baseball caps so 90’s? You can tell someone’s been sitting in a basement hacking since then. 4 seconds yadayada, is he bragging? That must be the weirdest smiley of all time. I wonder what that was on Stefans computer, can’t have been homework can it? Wait, did he just hack that guys account? Skull ascii art is also very 90’s. 28% less crime, due to an OS? Weird manikins there. This is a shady place I can hear it. Is that guy eating sushi from her back? D: He is, yuck. Is this game about food hygiene? Didn’t that sound just like GOB? And there’s the weird smiley again. Manly handshake-hug, these guys are tight. Oh I see. This is a game about traficking and how a hacker has to take the law in his own hands because the people involved are so high-up in society that they can’t be touched by the slow bureaucratic monster that is the police. Also his sister is kidnapped. Bad guy is coming. Why didn’t he just read that text? Filesharing AND gunning, dream come true? It’s gonna get wet. Damn cops, always ruin the fun. Oh man! I’d KILL for that app on my phone. And finally some public humiliation. It is as if anonymous was actually hackers embodied in a Batman from the 90’s, without a suit.




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