Terminator back for a fifth time in 2015

News has just come over, there will be a new Terminator movie in 2015. This forth coming sequel will work as a reboot for the science fiction action series. Not much is known about the movie but that it will be starring the original T-800, Arnold Schwarzenegger and will be the first in a new trilogy of movies. The film will be in production in early 2014 and is set to release during the summer of 2015. Therearnold has been some talks about putting the Fast and Furious director Justin Lin in the director seat, but nothing has been announced just yet.

I can’t help but feel some anger and disappointment for this reveal. Just the fact that there hasn’t been a worth while Terminator-movie since the 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. To be honest I never saw the fourth movie because I hated the third movie so much. And now that Paramount seems to have put a bullet into that failed race horse, which also was planned to be the first in a trilogy of movies, I don’t see any reason to watch it.

There is also the fact that as of 2019 the rights for the Terminator franchise will return to its maker, director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron. So with that in mind it seems like Paramount just wants to shit out some new movies before the access to the Terminator buffet table has expired.

Terminator is one of those movies I owned on VHS as a child and watched over, and over and over again. The second one I didn’t see as much as it seemed quite scary to me at the time (side note: my brother still can’t see it because of the playground scene). I recently re-watched the 1984 original and it’s still great, with 80’s hair-cuts and all.

Future year 2015 has also some other childhood movie reboots and sequels including a new Independence Day sequel (not starring Will Smith), Star Wars Episode VII and a new sequel in the Jurassic Park franchise. A new movie from animation studio Pixar named Inside Out directed by Pete Docter (Monsters Inc. and Up). There is also two new superhero movies, The Avengers 2 and a reboot of The Fantastic Four. Also set to release during 2015 is yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the final installment in the Hunger Games-series with Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

The Pixar film and probably the second Avengers movie is the only one I’m actually excited for and want to see. I liked Independence Day as a child but I don’t think it still holds up and why it needs a sequel I don’t know. I know I’ll see JJ Abrams Star Wars movie, but I think I’ll have to see it in a premiere showing filled with Star Wars geeks in full cosplay costume just to actually have some interesting experience besides the actual movie.

I’m going to end this post with a joke from comedian Marc Maron taken from his stand-up album Not Sold Out from 2002 where he talks about shitty movies in a segment named Shit Troughs.

not_sold_outWe’re so easily controlled in this weird way. You know when a movie sucks? You can tell when a movie sucks from the fucking poster. you know that it’s going to suck during the coming attractions.

Pearl Harbor, you saw the coming attractions for that movie and were like, this is gonna fucking suck. And the you see it again and go, this is gonna suck.

Pearl Harbor, the movie was worse than the invasion itself.

And then finally when it opens you think but hey we’ve got to go and see it. And everybody goes just so that they can walk out and say, told you it was gonna fucking suck.

But then it makes millions of dollars and they keep making shit and we keep lining up for it. It’s almost like they say, hey we keep filling up the trough and we go, Yeay! New shiny poop.


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