Maron S01

Maron is a show which just ended its first season with a double episodes yesterday. It’s a show about an aging comedian who hasn’t come as far as he would have liked in his career and starts doing an interview podcast in his garage. It’s based on stand-up comedians MM_Seth_Olenick_5own life to some extent, bringing up the same themes as he does in his stand-up routine. Themes of relationships, un-achieved dreams, being an ex-drug addict, twitter and some general complaints about our modern society.

The first season has been pretty hit or miss throughout with episodes ranging from bad to genius. I hoped along the way that it would have a steady climb, maybe as the writing got a little better and the TV-show could grow and find its comfort zone. It did get better over time but still there were some bumps along the way. And great performances from Nora Zehetner playing his stalker/girlfriend and Judd Hirsch in the role of Marc’s father. There were also some episode-long appearances from actors like Danny Trejo and Gina Gershon, which both were pretty great, and their episodes were two of the highlights of this season. As well as some cameos by stand-ups and/or celebrities featured during the shows podcasting sequences.

I’m a fan of Marc Maron’s actual real life podcast, WTF with Marc Maron and during a summer when we wouldn’t get any new episodes from everybody’s favorite comedian Louie CK’s comedy series Louie, I thought that Maron would neatly be taking its place. Although the expectation of Maron living up to the brilliant show (and probably my personal favorite airing TV-series) that is Louie wasn’t all too fair, it did a good enough job in its place.

I especially want to recommend the penultimate episode as I thought it’s up there being on of the greatest TV-episodes of all time. If you’ve read so far and haven’t found this shows topics all that interesting so far I think you should at least check this episode out as I think it would work great just on its own.

The episode is named ‘Projections’ and is essentially about Maron having dinner with an old friend who’s gotten more success in life than himself. Meanwhile he’s projecting himself on to other people in the resturant dreaming about how his life could have been had he chosen to live another life. Of course this being Marc Maron the experience doesn’t end up being all to positive for him.

His podcast WTF with Marc Maron,, just reached its 400th episode. In it Marc interviews (shirt-less) punk-rock legend Iggy Pop about his life and career. If you listen to podcasts you probably already knew how great WTF is but for everyone else it’s certainly a recommendation.


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