Under the Dome

Based on the Stephen King’s 2009 book Under the Dome is a TV-show about a small town getting trapped inside a large dome. If you haven’t read Stephen King’s book this was also the premise for Simpsons: The Movie. The series had its premiere June 24th and I’ve now seen the two first episodes.

The concept sounded good enough, not overly interesting but it surely is a cool thing to see people get trapped under a huge dome. It’s Under_the_Dome_title_screena curtain nostalgic 60’s science-fiction feel to it I think, an unknown round glass object trapping a small town. In a year where all I want is the Breaking Bad finale I don’t have such a good oversight over what new TV-series will be airing this year. Under the Dome is the only new series I knew of before hand, and that’s mostly because it’s based on a novel from the famous author.

It’s been developed by Brian K. Vaughan who’s comic book series Saga I’ve written about earlier, he’s also written the notable Y: The Last Man and was a writer and a producer during Lost’s later seasons. The series is also being produced by the famous movie director Steven Spielberg, what this essentially means and what his involvement  in the project is I don’t know. His name might just be on the screen as an endorsement of some sort.

under_the_dome_2_0This show is very uneven (Stephen and Steven made something uneven), and I think this is all due to the two main characters. One a bad-boy who starts this series of by burying a corpse and the other a good through and through journalist who’s husband’s missing (this can’t be good). They feel flat and really TV-esque, if that doesn’t make any sense let me elaborate, they seem to be two people who we are made because we have to have someone to cheer for. This is of course often the case in stories though these characters should never feel so construed. They are two very pretty people who have great leader skills and who everyone listens to without any hesitation.

If I may compare this with an other science-fiction show where people got trapped due to unknown circumstances, Lost. In Lost a plane crashes on a desert island and a doctor named Jack takes it on himself to lead the crash victims. At least here people didn’t know each other and Jack stood out as he, as a trained doctor had useful knowledge. In Under the Dome it’s a small town with its own history and established relationships. Why would they listen to some out-of-town punk? Then there’s the good through and through journalist who takes in this handsome stranger to stay in her house. Besides these two I quite like the show, it’s not a perfect show by any means.


The characters in this series which stand out to me are Natalie Martinez who plays a cop (is seen trying to communicate with her boyfriend in the picture above) whose partner played by Jeff Fahey dies after touching the dome. And as his dying he tries to tell her a secret though fails to do so. Dean Norris who’s most known as Hank in Breaking Bad here plays James “Big Jim” Rennie, a politician and second-hand car dealership owner. He’s a two-faced character who to the public puts on a friendly face but then seems to secretly be dealing in some shady business.

Lastly I would just like to point-out how many people there was standing, having picnic or doing choirs just were the dome fell down. That people walk straight into it I can get but all the people whose limbs got chopped seems like a weird coincident. No one needs to see a cow get sliced in half like if it was a picture from some science textbook.

So to close this little review I’m probably going to continue watching, the good out-weights the bad here I think. I’ll be groaning a lot for sure but I don’t think anyone died of that yet. And I can always tweet a snarky comment if groaning doesn’t help.


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