Phony Gaming: Simpsons Tapped Out

9. Simpsons Tapped Out
10. Angry Birds


I haven’t watched the Simpsons cartoon for ages, and I doubt anybody has, and it’s always been as much an animated series as its been a huge merchandise-pile. And in this pile somewhere we have multiple video games and pinball machines and among these, if you really dig in, you’ll also find Simpsons Tapped Out.

This a lot like Tiny Tower or Zynga’s FarmVille  is a management game where you build your own Springfield and unlock different famous buildings and characters from the long-going series. From a top-down view you tap the screen to place new objects in your town, give characters objectives and collect money from your multiple houses and cartoon-figures who live in your little phone-esque device.

The plot for the game is something to the extent that the original Springfield has exploded and ceased to exist but in its place there are now multiple universes trying to rebuild. You’ll start of with just Homer and Lisa and as you build and complete different missions in the game new characters will appear with their own missions and personalities.

I like the game in the same way that I like Tiny Tower, though the thing I miss in Tapped out which Tiny Tower has been that I could place the game actively as well as passively. By this I mean I would get extra rewards if I would stick around and run some small errands in exchange for some quick bux. But in Tapped Out when I’ve collected all there is to collect and have handed out my orders to everyone there’s nothing left to do but minimize the game.simpsons-tapped-out-

Being passed on a comedy TV-show the writing in this game could be a little bit funny from, though I would mostly just tap the screen quickly to get rid of the text so that I could get on with my daily Tapped Out play-time. One joke being about not knowing where buildings would go didn’t matter because neither did the show. This show has of course been told in the actual show on multiple occasions, though I thought it was worth a mention here as well.

This review of the game, which has come to take my ninth place of my favorite Android games, might seem a little negative. I obviously liked my time spent with it, but I think that the Simpsons franchise is a bit of a joke, so much of my negativity might be directed towards what the game is based upon rather than the game itself.

It’s a well done managing game that doesn’t need your full attention, in order to build your very-own Springfield brick by brick over a long period of time. And the enjoyment comes from the ever so slightly growing little ant farm of a game you carry around in your pocket and play around with just before you turn the light off before bed.


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