Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

It’s almost here, the newest game in Rockstar’s open-world game-series Grand Theft Auto (aka GTA). In this PR video we get a small glimpse of the gameplay, the world and the characters. Set for release in September it’s most definitely the next big game on the calendar, whether you like the series or not.

gta-vSo the game seems to play a lot like the previous 3D GTA games. The aiming system has been tweaked a little going away from GTA 4’s locked on target to the freer and less locked on approach of Rockstar’s western game Red Dead Redemption. Airplanes also seems to have returned for this edition. The very fun jets from San Andreas was, to most fans of the series, lacking for the more realistic and down-to-earth Grand Theft Auto 4. This games big hook of having three play-able characters, which you can switch between when ever you want to, which seems really cool. Though just like a lot of people just wanted to steal a helicopter and count how long it takes for the body to hit the pavement from the highest point in the game. All I want to know is if I’ll be able to steal a truck and run over my own characters.


The game is now placed in a fictional version of Los Angeles and Southern California again which makes the game a thousands times more sunny and fun than the gray New York in the last game. Driving down the highway in fast cars, with the top down seems like fun. Of course it was fun to blare through the city in four as well, though there’s a clear difference between a sick-sacking through city blocks and hit maximum speed on the open road.

What with the characters I think Grand Theft Auto really has its own style and language in the dialog, at least for being a game. If you’d remove the video and the title and just given me the audio for the line “stop it you’re ruining my yoga” and having me guess from which game it was taken I would probably had guessed Grand Theft Auto. It’s like they say in the video “A sprawling satirical re-imagining of southern California”, a open-world game where people will do as they please makes more sense if it’s satirical.


Also the online mode which got teased a little bit in the end of the video seems really cool. I played around some with the online mode for the fourth GTA and I have to say the online mods which had come out for San Andreas on PC where a lot more fun. The world was just a lot bigger in San Andreas, and you had those lovely jets to fly around in through out it. Of course the game play and king of the hill type modes in GTA 4 were fun with the enhanced gun-mechanics. But if I had to choose between having gang fights in New York or the ability of high-speed flight then fighting and territorial control can kiss my bottom.


As mentioned in the beginning the game has its release on September 17th for the Playstation 3 and xbox 360. More to come from this game can probably be expected so stay tuned.


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