It’s weekend and in the middle of the week we all need a little something to get our energy up and let out some laughter. Beneath are five of the more interesting posts I found as I scouted through the great plains of the internet. We have a nice collection with videos with everything from stand-up to famous theme songs, sports, nudity and social criticism. Enjoy!

Have you ever answered the phone without knowing who it was and just pretended to be who ever the person on the other end of the line thought you were? I would guess probably not, but thanks to this stand-up act we get to know what could potentially happen. The comedian is Jay Larson and this was performed during a Conan talk-show episode.

The bicycling competition is pretty much half way through, this I learned by watching this 10 minute video by Infobytes. It’s all explains through amusing animation and a voice-over drenched in a French accent. I really didn’t even know that Tour de France was actually going on right now if it wasn’t for this educational clip.

(nuff said?)

We all know that the city of Detroit is going through some shit, and in this (some what dated) video we get to see how long it takes for the police to answer a call for help. The news team went over to a victim of a home invasion and took it upon themselves to wait and see how long it would take for the police to show-up.

I LOVE Jurassic Park and as a kid I would watch the movie way to many times. Besides the actual movie the score by John Williams is one of the greatest most memorable pieces of music. In this video musician Thomas Oliver plays it using an unusual instrument.


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