Phony Gaming: Cut the Rope

8. Cut the Rope
9. Simpsons Tapped Out
10. Angry Birds

Cut-the-ropeCut the Rope probably isn’t quite as well-known as Angry Birds though I would think that they both play in a similar arena. I recently helped my mother enter the smart phone-world by install some apps I thought she would like to have, and even though I didn’t think she would ever use them I had to install both Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. It’s just one of those big star IP’s in this new phone gaming market we have entered lately.

The game is very simple in its game mechanics, you have a piece of candy and a cute little frog who wants it. The sugary treat hangs from one or multiple ROPEs and you’ll have to CUT these to have it fall into his mouth. And every stage also includes a set of stars to collect if you need the extra challenge. Later on the levels get more advanced and things like spikes and bubbles get introduced as you’ll have to move the piece of candy through more elaborate stages.


It’s one of the more perfect games suited for play through many short bursts. Pick it up as you commute, wait for your pan pizza to microwave or if you don’t want to interact with the stranger in the elevator. Though as the levels get more difficult you can just through this approach out the window especially if you want to collect all those lovely stars. You’ll be sitting dragging your finger over the screen multiple, upon multiple of times over and over again to get it just right. When you eventually do the success feels great, until your stuck on the next puzzle.

It’s a great concept for a touch screen device, simple at first yet frustrating as you get deeper into it. With a cute tone and a simplistic and lighthearted presentation it’s a very nice game to look at. And with all this it’s my eighth favorite Android-game. Please come by next Monday as I’ll continue moving on up the list. I hope you will read it even though this first three games has been pretty well-known, but of course I’m saving the best for last.


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