Orphan Black

Its been four days since I finished watching the incredible TV-series Orphan Black, that’s the same amount of time it took for me to go through the series itself. The TV landscape is filled with science fiction programs, everything from Under the Dome, Falling Skies, Defiance, and although I like science fiction I’m not all that in love with these shows. After Fringe left the air there haven’t really been anything all to exciting. But now that Orphan Black has come along I have something to replace the void Fringe left behind it.orphan_black_xlg

The series starts up with Sarah, a british living in America small-time con artist, trying to get enough money together so that she can start a new life with her daughter. She haven’t been able to see her daughter for close to a year and have her live with Sarah’s foster-mother Mrs S. When a woman who looks like Sarah commits suicide in front of her she steals her purse. She uses the woman’s death to her advantage having her brother Fee go and identify the unknown corpse as Sarah Manning. In the mean time Sarah tries her best to impersonate her american look-alike Elizabeth Childs for a con to empty her savings account. Everything gets out of control from her as “Beth” turns out to be a cop and one of Sarah’s many clone sisters, who are trying to work out who created them and at the same time there’s someone hunting and killing them as well.

From its great writing to the actors this show’s so brilliant. A story, be it for TV or feature film including a cast of clones might be a timthumbproblem but here it works really well and Tatiana Maslany goes a great work making them all seem like different characters. Of course this is made easier by having them all be such extremes, we have the alternative science major Sarah, suburban soccer mom Sarah and German Sarah. But they all seem like distinct characters and I didn’t doubt it for one second.

Even though it’s about cloning and other fringe science subjects it never feels as dumbed down as you might suspect a science-fiction TV-show to be. There are no stupid scenes where it’s explained to us what cloning is, well there is but it doesn’t feel stupid. There are no scenes like the terraforming explanations from Man of Steel. The world feels well-thought out and explained, and when something ridicules happens its well done and the tone the show has doesn’t hinder it from going to these places. It does a good job of melding mystery and science fiction with funny moments that releases you of all the tension which comes with them unknown serial murders.


The show ended more than a month ago and I know I’m a bit late to the party but I really like this show and needed to get a post out about it. If you like science-fiction or just great tv in general I think you should give this a chance. There will also be a second season airing next year, which is a relief as I want cloning mysteries with Sarah Manning.


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