My Little Pony Convention Concert

I found this little video on Reddit a few days ago and … well it’s just so amazingly stupid, cringe-worthy and laughable. I laughed out loud as I watched it. The title of this seven minute YouTube video is Best of “My Little Pony Convention Concert”, and it’s just seven minutes of the most awful technical problems, DJ/musicians and awkward dancing that has ever been put together under one roof.

Everything from all the trouble with the huge pile of sound equipment that seems to have been thrown on to the table and the DJs that operate them just scream the amateur hour. But even though the equipment failure and very low quality artistry there’s something sweet going on here as well. I don’t think there’s never been a more perfect match between audience and musician. I don’t think anyone in the audience is there for the same reason that I invested seven minutes into the video. I think they like it being there and that they are there to party, and I think it’s the funniest thing in a long while.

The fact that these guys are fans of the My Little Pony cartoon I have no thoughts about one way or the other. My Little Pony comes up from time to time and I might be able to shine by knowing what a Bronie is. By the way a Ponsister is the feminine version of the masculine form Bronie, which is something new I learned this week.

If you want to learn more about My Little Pony and Bronie culture I recommend you watch the Know Your Meme video episode on the topic:


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