Phony Gaming: Kingdom Rush

7. Kingdom Rush
8. Cut the Rope
9. Simpsons Tapped Out
10. Angry Birds

kingdom-rushHere we go with number seventh of my list of best Android games of all time (keep in mind I’ve only had a smart phone to play these games on for a year) which is Iron Hide Game Studio’s tower-defense game Kingdom Rush.

I’ve had my run ins with tower-defense games before. I played a lot of them in Warcraft 3 back in the day and then later when the genre grew and made it onto stand-alone games I invested a lot of time on them that way as well. If you don’t know what a game like this is then let me explain; enemies are coming in waves and will pass through a patch of land to invade your fortress, house, tower or what have you. What you need to do is lay out towers that’ll kill these invading forces for you.Within the tower-defense genre there are different kinds of games. Mazed based tower defense, where the level is free for you to place towers where ever you want, and the best strategy usually is to build a long maze

Kingdom_Rush that your enemies have to pass through. There’s also the path based games where there’s a set path that the enemies will walk upon and you can’t hinder their movement put are restricted to placing your towers in specific areas. It a game where you try until you stop failing, place one set up of towers and if you die you tweak it until you don’t.

This game is very much a path based game and you have different spots on the map where the towers can be built. And the different towers you can choose between are the fast attacking archer towers, the slower attacking mage tower which inflicts more damage to units with higher armor, the cannon tower which does a splash damage inflicting damage over a larger target much like a bomb would do, and the barracks that send out soldiers to hold down and attack enemy units on the road. Each of these towers are upgrade-able and will in its ultimate form get a new set of abilities.

2013-07-15 16.36.04

I didn’t like this game all that much to begin with, I thought the lack of the ability to foresee the next wave of enemies was. And this is something I can have a hard time with most tower-defense games. These are a form of puzzle games in that you need to counter the enemy type with curtain kinds of towers, and without any ability to foresee what enemy type is coming next you can’t counter them very well. So what I had to do was replay each level a multiple times to be able to know what kind of towers I would need to invest in.

Later on in the game they introduce a hero character which you can level-up through out a level. I didn’t find it to be all that useful, I thought the character was kind of weak and didn’t deal all that much damage and would get crushed by the bigger enemies. But I moved it around a lot having it block the path on certain places.

All this said and yet it’s seventh on my favorite Android games list. There’s just something about these games where I have to finish them even though I see all these different flaws. It’s a way to shut down your mind, you have this problem you have to figure out and can focus on. It’s really relaxing in a way. I don’t even think the reward of finishing it is that great I just want to do it so that I can walk away from it. There a lot of games like this outside of tower defense, games like Tetris and Super Meat Boy. Games that are repetitive, where you get a feeling of being in the zone and that are really hard to put down because you always have that feeling of one more time. I think that the song from Tetris should be played with caution and every Tetris addict in mind.


The game came out as a flash game on the internet in 2011, a half a year later it got released for the iPad and a little later on the iPhone. It was in May of this year that the game got an Android version. The sequel just got its release a month ago on iOS and fortunately for me I think I’ll have to wait a while for the Android release.


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