Time for yet another collection of videos for your amusement. I hope you’ll like these as well, there’s almost a music themed post this week but some jokes and a how it should have ended video got in the way. Perhaps there’s a better version out there in some other universe that only publishes themed CLiP TRiPs.

Hey you! What song are you listening to? Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Simple idea which probably took a lot of time. I don’t know polish people all that well though I presume there were more failed attempts than successful ones. Also being set in Poland I think gives it something extra, I watch a video that featured speech in my own language and knowing what people say as they are picking up their music-devises somehow ruins the experience. And this video has a much higher quality than most other What song are you listening to videos.

Green Day @ Emirates Stadium – Crowd singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody. 01.06.13

This is beautiful, a great song that I also always sings along to every time I hear it. If you don’t please write a comment and describe to me what kind of a coffin you sleep in at night.

Telling People Corny Jokes

One, seeing people have to go out of their automatic routine to interact with a stranger is pretty interesting to see. Two, if that stranger then tells them corny jokes that range from funny to lame, you have two great things that fit perfectly together. Also what’s up with the woman who didn’t know the ketchup-joke, was she just playing along? If you know this woman who I’m referencing, or if you are this woman, please write in and tell me how big the rock which you sleep under is.

What it’s really like to work at a music store pt.II

Every time I visit a music store I feel ill at ease because it’s a public place and my musicianship is often contained to my bedroom. If you’re looking to buy a new instrument, and want to try it out, the harsh eyes of a music store manager might not be the kind of eyes you want in your head judging your music skills. They always feel a bit tired and grumpy and also have an aura of superiority. Well this video surely explains why this is.

How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

If you got yourself spoiled by watching this then don’t blame it on me. If the videos titled How Man of Steel Should Have ENDED then I’m not held responsible for your stupidity. But then if you got yourself spoiled this might keep you from watching this rather bad, highly forgettable and boring movie (though I thought the up-close melee fighting looked good).



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