Phony Gaming: Anomaly

6. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
7. Kingdom Rush
8. Cut the Rope
9. Simpsons Tapped Out
10. Angry Birds

anomalyThe last game before this feature goes into my top five favorite gaming experiences I’ve had on my Android-device is, Anomaly. It’s the first game I played when I first got my Galaxy S3 and it’s still on of the better looking games I’ve played on it.

I talked a lot about the tower defense gaming-genre in Monday’s Phony Gaming post for Kingdom Rush, and Anomaly has many times been described, accurately, as a reverse tower defense game. In the game you are a commander and oversee a convoy of vehicles moving through an urban dessert war-zone. This convoy must move through an area protected by enemy towers. Your goal is to manage the route of the convoy, buy or upgrade the vehicles and order repairs, smoke screens or other limited commands.

The game plays from a top down view and each level starts up on the navigation-menu. From there you choose the way which your troops shall pass through the hostile area. The game is paused when ever you go into this view and you can take your time and strategies and find the way which results in the lest amount of damage on your vehicles. You can go to the navigational view all through out the level and tweak your route when you need to. When you leave this menu the convoy starts to move, following your demands and automatically firing upon the enemy towers. The towers will go down after a while and this will sometimes get you new commands as a reward. When your troops get low on health or need some extra help you choose which command to issue and choose where on the screen to place it. These commands are limited and to survive a level you need to manage your resources well.

2013-07-18 20.22.02

Playing this game you never feel overpowered. There are a lot of towers and to find the perfect route and smartly (or cowardly) pass between them feels tense. As your troops are progressing through the streets you sometimes find yourself staring at a tower just to see if your convoy will pass through outside of its field of view or not.

All the commands are so precious and helpful yet easily consumed. To choose whether to repair your troops now or see if they’ll make it through another bullet storm alive might be what stands between you and a well accomplished mission. Also to line up the right type of enemy according to what commands you’ve got left to issue.

2013-07-18 20.20.45

Lastly I just want to say that I think this game looks great. It’s one of the more pricey games on the Google Play store, yet it looks really good. This isn’t your cute animated animal to fill up the shoes of otherwise mediocre graphics, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Of course I don’t know if the game might bring with it any performance issues on other devices, the only thing I can tell you is that it runs great on my Galaxy S3. The game is also available on PC and to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

There was also a sequel, Anomaly: Korea which I’ve got installed on my phone but haven’t played yet, as well as the unreleased Anomaly 2.

Next week well be getting into the top five, aren’t you excited. If not why not leave a comment and tell me whats wrong.


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