Doctor Who

doctor who

I’d put off this science fiction series for a while. It got a lot of buzz about two or three years ago on the internet and has had various criticisms, positive or negative since it came on to my radar. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would watch one episode per day to be caught up with the modern series for its 50th anniversary, here’s how that went.

So Doctor Who for you that don’t know is a long-lasting British science-fiction adventure series about an alien who can travel in time and space. The series began in the 60’s and has since then gone on to produce 33 seasons and one made for TV movie. The series original run ended with its 26th season in 1989 but had a reboot in 2006 and has since risen in popularity outside of the United Kingdoms.

ecclestonRight now the modern rebooted series has just ended its seventh season and has been through some turmoil as the actor who portrayed the doctor has left the show. The relation between the Doctor and his actor can be likened to the British action-franchise James Bond. As the series has been on air for so long there was a need to have different actors play the Doctor, of which there’s been eleven so far.gaarsdids

This was not the first time I’d tried to get into the show, this wasn’t even the second time. This was my third attainment to watch the series and before I’d been put of by its low-budget production and childish logic but this time I was going to set aside all of this to see why it had gained such high notice. Earlier attainment hadn’t even gotten me through the first season, and this time I manage to get twenty episodes into the series before falling out of interest with it.


The point at which I had to give up on the series was rather recent. I’d fallen out of interest with the show and had started to watch it less frequently. I could see it sitting there and thinking “nah, not right now I’m not in the mood”. Then I was listening to the Rum Doings podcast talking about the series. They were discussing an episode and criticizing its stupid logic and likened it to a children’s television series. And all I could think was “Yes, its stupid but didn’t we know that already. Weren’t we investing our time into that kind of show knowingly?”, and to have that thought in my mind really shed a light on why it was that I watched Doctor Who.


My guess for why this series has gained such great reputation is because of its ridiculousness. Its illogical childish adventure and happy feel. Some would probably feel that this series has something greater to offer than what I can recognize, but then again there’s always someone out there willing to defend anything. And I’m not going to criticize it too much, most people who like the show probably like it because of its ridiculous illogical childish adventure.



3 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. To understand what all the hype is about you could check out my blog at I’m undertaking the ultimate Doctcor Who marathon – 50 Years in 50 Weeks.

    Without going into a long diatribe defending Doctor Who a quick search of the web will reveal that it has a great deal more depth than an “illogical childish adventure”. It is also not going through “turmoil” as the lead actor has left the show. The very nature of Doctor Who is its ability to revitalize itself with the regeneration of the lead character. Regeneration is a cause for celebration.

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