Phony Gaming: Plague Inc

5. Plague Inc
6. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
7. Kingdom Rush
8. Cut the Rope
9. Simpsons Tapped Out
10. Angry Birds

plague_incThe ridiculously enjoyable and satisfying game where your goal is to wipe out the entire human race. Its theme of biological warfare, dark humor and excellent point-system really works great together to create one of the more successful games on the phone gaming marketplace.

Your game starts of with a choice between what kind of disease you would like to control throughout the game, each game lasts between twenty and thirty minutes. You may choose between bacteria, viruses or fungus. These are unlocked as you complete the previous one by killing every last human. Each have their own strength and weaknesses and must be played accordingly.

Afterwards you get to name your disease, which is brilliant, Atheism or Your mom are two popular choices when I play. Then you click where on the world map you’d like Atheism to spread out of. This is your game view, you can see your bacteria spread through the world as a red color creeping over the world map. There is news rolling by on the screen with funny remarks and useful information. A time and date, which starts from your real-life date. You can also see your DNA-points which are earned as you infect and kill people. Adjusting your disease is done through three different skill trees, transmission, symptom and abilities. In transmissions you place points on how your disease should spread, through rodents or water supplies. Symptoms are after researched later in the game and have to be well-balanced between how lethal it makes the disease as well as how easily detected it is. Abilities differ between the different types, bacteria have better resistance against climate for example.

2013-07-23 10.55.49

Then you keep spending your DNA-points and invest them into the different skill trees so that you eventually kill everyone and win the game. It’s a fun game were you need to strategies your every move and hold back on the urge to kill everyone right away. Having a too lethal disease will result in higher priority for scientists to get an antidote ready and distributed. They will also start closing up their borders restricting access to their airports and harbors. To have infected everyone put the people living in island is a common mistake. Or worse you may kill each host before they have a chance to infect others, it happens.

A while ago I traveled outside of the country to work at a new job and lived, worked and spent my free time with strangers, and this was the game we sat around in the dinning room playing. Each with a phone of their own in-front of them making up fun names for their disease. And when someone had infected the whole planet and were ready to spend their points in the symptoms tree we would pause our games and watch as the kill-count raced up.

There is something so terrifyingly exciting about watching as the kill count jumps by millions of death per day and the all the red lights on the world map turning to a colorless dark gray. Then get a congratulation sign for accomplishing your goal to kill everyone.

2013-07-23 11.16.35

Plague Inc came out for iOS and Android devices in October last year. Since then they’ve added some extra types of diseases and gaming modes. I haven’t tried them yet, but if it’s just more of the same game I probably should try them out. There’s a free limited version for you to try, and the full version you’ll have to unlock for a small fee.


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