Steaming Summer

I am back this week. More or less. I’ve been missed, or at least that is what I  think was the reason all three guys jumped me at the door. It could also be that I bought a pack of toilet paper. One cannot know for sure.

You’ll be looking at the next episode of the Unforgettable Journey before the week is over. It all depends on the weather and such factors that I have no power over.

Until then I just wanted to write a bit on the subject of the games that I picked up on the Steam Sale. It is funny that a store made for taking all of your hard-earned money away from you has garnered so much good-will. Everyone loves the Steam Store. It was a great idea to create a store that competes with the pirate bay, but when the seasonal sales become something of holidays for people it is quite disturbing. At least, they’re not exploiting their close to monopoly on digital game distribution.

I don’t know if Steam has got this thing where they send an email when a game on your wishlist goes on sale and I just haven’t noticed before, cause it is amazing and scary at the same time. Coupled with the ability to buy games straight from my Steam app on my phone, anywhere. Well, this is the result.


The first game I got was FEZ. I’ve been looking to play this for some time, but I don’t own a 360 so I have had to wait. Aside from the bugs, I’m very eager to see what this game has in store.


I really do miss the games that were made for playing together with four friends in the living-room. It was the only kind of multiplayer before the Internet. Games like Bomberman, or even games like Kirby Star Super Deluxe where you could turn any enemy into a friend by plugging in another controller. Internet multiplayer really is great, but it’s not as good as the mayhem that is your livingroom filled with multiplaying friends. This will roll in our flat this fall.


Somehow I’ve missed the phenomena that is Meat Boy. I don’t know how. I’ve seen the protagonist in some places, but not been able to place him into any context. Indie Game: The Movie changed that. And when it’s €2-ish on steam, who can deny it. Especially know that I found my old trusty WingMan Action that I used to relive the old games from before my time, with emulators.


The last game that I came across was Rogue Legacy. I was very intrigued by the idea behind the game. A rogue-like where every new character you play is heir to your last. Combined with the many, sometimes crazy, traits that come with every new generation I was thrilled. Possibly because I had an idea to make a game something like that. Though, that is where the similarities end. And I was a little bit disappointed with this game, since it wasn’t as polished as I thought. And every character looks the same, I would’ve wished that there would’ve been more visual difference. What I didn’t expect was how great it would be to play a rogue-like metroidvania. It’s like playing a new Castlevania every time you die, because the similarities between those are pretty much the same as these castles. Also the humour is great, but I’ll let you find that out yourself.

But now, I’ll get back to drawing comics.




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