Inspirational Theories: How Ayn met your mother











I just finished reading The Fountainhead, which is one of the fictional books in which Ayn Rand lays out her philosophy of Objectivism.



This philosophy has since inspired many a writer. For example Ken Levine who founded a city under the sea to the glory of man.

However the thought struck me, that another famous work also is inspired by her. You think I’m messing with you? Let’s look at what we have.



The Fountainhead follows a young blonde architect. Living in New York.



Columns mean a big deal to him.



His first boss quits due to substance abuse.



Following his first job, he tries to set up an architectural firm on his own. He is considered for many commissions.



But the board always picks someone else.



He has a friend, Peter Keating, that advances in his career doing seemingly nothing.


He meets a woman, Dominique Francon, who also is a fan of architecture.



Who has to oppose him in everything to show how much she loves him.


She is married to a rich man with a yacht.


 He goes sailing with her husband.

 "Challenge Accepted"

And finally, he blows up a building.



And steals the rich mans wife.


Pretty much the same story in my eyes. Also New York is frequently lifted up as the greatest city on earth throughout both stories. This is Z4 and Inspirational Theories, pulling similarities out of context since forever.

Is this how Ayn met your mother?

– Ken


One thought on “Inspirational Theories: How Ayn met your mother

  1. Hi Ken, commenting is seldom my style but I am astonished you picked out these parallels as I did (even more than me). Bit about his boss ‘substance abusing’ and crossing over to another programme is a bit far fetched. It all starts getting real ‘fountainhead’ like until he meets ‘Francon’. The creator must be having this at the back of his/her mind when creating this tv series. Glad I aren’t the only one who saw this!

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