Next console generation, Cynicism, and LOTR

The new console generation is here, and I’m very much not that excited. The hype machine started spinning and I lost my grip before the finish line. It was fun getting to see some new games for the PS4 and Xbone. Yet now that they are here we’ve seen everything that they’ve got to offer us from the start, and frankly I’m not all that interested. It’s probably wiser to just wait a year or so before getting the machine, most of all I’ve played this year has been small indie titles on my phone or PC anyways.

I might just be getting cynical. I can’t stand reading twitter as I see all these game enthusiasts over in the states being out of their minds with excitement as they sit, sneaking behind their curtains waiting for the delivery man to ring the doorbell.

It’s cynicism, probably in lump-form somewhere in my back-area. But it might have been cured for I sat all day yesterday watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 12 hours of film watching is what this Extended Edition Blu-ray box set had to keep me fixed on a screen for. It was a long day filled with joy, action, a bit of tears and tummy-ache, there was a great deal of tummy-ache.

I’d probably not seen these films for seven years or so. Strangely enough I might have never seen any of the films in the trilogy (for the hobbit doesn’t count and it was shit) at any time during the now last console generation. After seeing the now almost 13 years old fantasy epic I must say that it definitely holds up. The special effects may show its age a little bit, but not all that much. Shelob, Gollum and the Balrog all look great still.

There have been few things of which I’ve been such a great fan of as I was with the Lord of the Rings. I saw these films multiple times in the cinema, countless times at home, studied all the extra material, got all the soundtracks, read the books, bought even more books and played a great number of shitty video game adaptations on my PS2 and GameCube. It was strange to go back into that world again, which I’ve in many ways had sucked dry and left behind me. Following the fellowship on their grand quest I was relieved to find that I actually liked the experience, the journey to go there and back again for the Lord of the Rings.



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