Summarizing the year; I read some books(super comic-book expansion pack).

So the main literature of 2013 got to be a bit long, so I’m releasing this little addition about comic-books on its own. There also haven’t been all too much comic book reading this year for me. But here are some words about my year with comic books. I’m going to try to have this be a text rather than a list, something I feel the main books-post became.

If you haven’t read the main post on books you can go ahead and read it here.

This year the place I’ve read my comic-books have been on my phone through the Comixology app. I think it’s OK for the most part, I would much rather have a bigger screen to read the panels on, but it does the job. The app on the other hand is very well done and easy to use. It’s guided view, a feature which zooms in on the panels and let’s you read small pieces of the big picture at a time really makes the phone’s small screen-size bearable. The Comixology store also offers a ton of new and old comic books for you to buy. It’s also made me throw money on sales items, mostly comics I haven’t heard of before, just like I do/try not to do when Steam has its sales.

Saga, which I’ve talked about already is probably the one I’ve read the most this year on Comixology. I’ve also read some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics which I thought was interesting and fun to read. I’ve never been a huge TMNT fan before, I mostly knew them as video game characters or action figures that eats a lot of pizza. This series published by IDW Publishing start back in Aug ’11 and starts the story from the beginning. I didn’t think I knew a lot about the turtles, turns out I was right and then some.


A part from my Comixology reading I’ve started reading a lot of web-comics again. I found a site some months ago called Comic Rocket which collects your web-comics and makes it easy for you to see when you have new content to read and it also keeps track of where you are in the story. It’s great if you have a lot of web-comics you follow (I have six, maybe not a lot but it’s handy anyway) or if you want to read an old web-comic with a huge back catalog.

I finally got caught up on the web-comic series Questionable Content, which is a slice-of-life, romance series with a touch of indie-rock and a robo-twist. It started out as a comic about Martin Reed who in the beginning had a job he didn’t like after a degree which didn’t help him. The series started ten years ago and has over time gotten a bigger cast of characters with a complicated past of relationships and hair-cuts. I first started reading the series back in 2010 (Number 1719: Go To Your Happy Place), I can’t remember how I found it but I really like it a lot. Then after a while (around 1914) I got the urge to go back and read through the entire series from the beginning, a task which would take about 2 years of off again on again reading. But I’m finally caught back up and it’s still great.


Other than QC I’ve also got Penny Arcade, XKCD, Commissioned Comics and Dinosaur Comics. If you know what web-comics are you’ve probably heard of some of these already, Penny Arcade most definitely being one of them. XKCD is a nerdy mathematics and physics (mostly) themed web-comics. Most of the stuff mostly fly over my head but with the site even I can read and enjoy its snowed-in content. Commissioned Comics is a comic which alternates between being stand-alone jokes, stories about a group of friends and their RPG-sessions. There are a lot of cats and ninjas in it and tones of references to internet culture. Dinosaur Comics, written by Ryan North, is the Groundhog’s Day of comics, every issue has the exact same drawings and placements it’s just the words that are changed out between each. It stars three dinosaurs, T-rex, Utahraptor and Dromiceiomimus with some occasional appearances of god.

That’s mostly what I’ve been reading as far as comics goes. Oh, yeah, I’ve also been reading the Zvenne’s Homies of course, a bit underground but I like it. Seems to be made by people like me for people like me.

See Ya!



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