Summarizing the year; I listened to some music

This year is about to end so here is one of my year-
end post trying to summarize the year of 2013. I will be posting one each Monday throughout December, each 
taking a look into a certain area of entertainment. 
It shall be as an autopsy, digging through my guts to find what kind of popular culture I'd put into my 
digestive system during the year 2013. Or maybe it's 
more a list for myself to remember what I did spend 
my time on during the year.


And a crowd of young boys, they’re fooling around in the corner,
Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles.
They don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band.
It ain’t what they call rock and roll.
And the Sultans,
Yes the Sultans play Creole.

Text from: Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing

The second look-back onto the closing year of 2013, here with the sights on music. It doesn’t feel like I’ve listened to that much new music this year. Of the top of my head I think I can recollect seven new albums which I’ve listened to. The punk-group FIDLAR released their debut self-titled album early this year. It’s fast and sweaty punk-rock with a touch of beach-rock, somehow. The lyrics are themed with consumption of shitty beers (cheap beer), people not being able to surf (max can’t surf) and drug-addiction (no waves). I like it really much and will often go back to the songs if I’m in the mood. FIDLARS often got combined in my play-queue with bands such as The Walkmen and The Black Kids.

Rapper A$AP Rocky whose album also got released quite early in the year. I didn’t listen to it all too much, just a couple of times and got quite bored of it after a while. I probably liked A$AP Rocky’s music more prior to the album. He released a series of mixtapes on the internet the year before his album debut, which I would listen to quite often.

John Grant’s second, more synth-based album Pale Green Ghost’s also very early in the year. He’s one of my favorite people of all time. His first album was a lot more folky than the second album, with a lot of piano and guitar. The comparison of 70’s rock and 80’s synth I think fit well to his two albums. But even though the music differ the brilliant lyrics that John Grant manages to produce is still there, and on Pale Green Ghost the songs are mostly about a failed relationship.

Swedish metal band Ghost’s album Infestissumam. I heard someone mention it as “a metal album for people who doesn’t like metal”, and I can clearly see where that came from.

Ambient music creator Jon Hopkins released a new album, Immunity, this year. I’ve listened to a lot of Jon Hopkins albums this year, mostly his first album, Opalescent, and his latest. The way I found Jon Hopkins was through a collaboration with folk-musician King Creosote. Together they made the brilliant album Diamond Mine, which is one of my favorite albums of all-time.

Daft Punk’s return after so many year without a new studio album, Random Access Memory. A new take for Daft Punk as they threw away their laptops and picked up guitars, can’t help but think of that LCD Soundsystem lyric from I’m Losing my edge as I think about Random Access Memory. I think it worked well enough for Daft Punk, even-though I can’t listen through the whole album I will often pick half the album and put it on a playlist and listen to it that way. You can of-course read my “review” of the album from  here.

And lastly, well-known egoistic rapper, Kanye West’s noisy God-complex album, Yeezus. It’s my favorite album of the year even-though I might not listen to it ever again. It was the same with Kanye West’s last album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the year when it came out. Yeezus opens with a, some would maybe call it annoying, noisy synth-loop and then the music goes from their. I like the weird sampling and strange structure. The songs often seem to end and then becomes something different, and I would often think it would be a transformation into the next track but then it would often just end abruptly. The themes of egoistic madness that Kanye raps about on the album is almost to grand to be anything other than laughable. There is of course the well-known croissant-line in his song I Am A God “I am a god, So hurry up with my damn message, In a French-ass restaurant, Hurry up with my damn croissants”.

I will be back with another post next week.

See Ya, till then.



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