Summarizing the year; I played some video games (phony gaming-edition)

As said in the previous post there were also a lot of gaming being done on my phone. I’ve already done a bunch of talk around android gaming under the title ‘Phony Gaming‘, but here are some of the games that I never got around to (purely out of laziness). There are five of them in total, and you’ve probably already heard of them and might have played them also. If you haven’t then you really should, let me tell you why.

Tiny Death Star is a version of the Tiny Tower game now placed within the Star Wars-universe. You build and manage the activities going on inside the Empire’s mighty Death Star. Just like in Tiny Tower you build different sorts of levels including apartment-levels for your inhabitants and also retail, food and others that your tiny inhabitants can get employed at and run. Your job is to tell your employees to restock their stores, then when their work is done you approve their work and sign them onto restock other stuff that might have gotten sold out. When you build an apartment level you get new people and have to put them to good use, choosing where they are best fit to work or if you might want to evict them for the possibility of getting someone with better stats.

tsdThere’s also an elevator in the Death Star that you control, visitors might want to visit a level and you have to transport them there for a small tip. There might also be a VIP-visitor coming and these have special abilities such as boosting sales at a level, and such.

All of this was part of the original Tiny Tower game as-well, but there are also some new stuff in the Death Star sequel. There are missions in the new game, the emperor himself will ask you to complete different tasks for him, e.g. build two service levels or capture two rebellion spies for me. These are tasks which you would probably complete even if he wouldn’t tell you to do them for you, but he’ll give you a little something-something for your trouble. There’s also the addition of the Imperial levels. These expand inward and is in the deep mysterious core of the moon-like space station and will create different items. These items are to be collected and given to sith-lord Darth Vader when he pleases. It’s just like the emperors missions, you are told to make two of these and three of those and then you’ll get a little reward for it.

It’s a free game with the option to put in some real-money to fasten the experience. You can also unlock known (or lesser known) characters from the Star Wars saga and have them visit your station, I presume, I never did put any money down so I can’t know for sure. But I’ve actually seen some characters such as Leia, Lando Calrissian and IG-88 assassin droid. If you’re a Star Wars fan possessing a smart phone you defiantly should download this free, cute little game and just embrace the toying around with the Star Wars-franchise.

Deer Hunter 2014 is pretty much what it sounds like. You are in the woods and have a target which you shoot. When the animal has been shot you get your reward along side a guitar riff and explosion and then it’s on to your next target. The game is fairly easy and doesn’t vary too much between levels, some of the missions want you to shoot multiple animals at the same time, some want you to kill the animal in a specific way, and some levels may include some extra animals so that you’ll have to double-check which one you are supposed to pierce a bullet through. The reward is money and you use it to buy better equipment so that you can kill more animals.dh

I do wish there were something more to the game because it gets really repetitive and boring after a little while. I don’t really know what more to add, I ain’t no designer of games, but something more than just the same old wild animals and a metal rod that goes boom would have been nice. The game is free so maybe if you want to check it out you can do so with ease and without any regret.

Ridiculous Fishing is a game were you play as an old man at sea. He sits in his little boat with his phone, it’s used to change areas to fish, look up what types of fish has been caught and upgrade his equipment. There’s also his dear fishing rod and a deep-sea underneath him full of fish to be caught. You tap the screen and the hook is thrown in to the water, now begins stage one out of three for catching fish in the game. I don’t want to spoil the gameplay too much because I think it’s part of the fun ridiculousness of the game initially.

rfThen as you catch more and more fish you gain access to different levels and better equipment to help you catch fish more effectively. There is a pokedex-like fish encyclopedia which you’d want to fill up with all the different fishes to get a 100% completion. In the beginning the game is a bit hard but after a while as you start gaining some money and upgrade your equipment you’ll soon find yourself speeding through the different areas and reaching the ending quite quickly. The ending, just as the gameplay, is quite surprising and entertaining in that it comes out of left field. It’s a fun little game that I definitely think is well worth your time.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is the sequel to the well-loved tower-defense game by Popcap, where zombies attacked your lawn from the right and you plant different plants to defend yourself. In the new game the fun and kooky neighbor character Crazy Dave eats a taco and takes you on a ride back in time for the opportunity to eat that same taco one more time. The story is more ridiculous than it is funny. Crazy Dave made some minor and lovely appearances in the first game, but now he’s with you all the way and it get tiresome. To take the comic-relief and shine the spotlight solely on him is a mistake many franchises makes, and so does Plants vs. Zombies.

The time travelling plot device let’s you visit (as the time of this post) three different worlds in which you fight zombies. The level layouts from the first game are all gone and you now have three different level layouts to fight through. A lot of the plants have been striped out of the game as well and a couple of new ones has been added.pz

Lastly, but certainly not least, this game has been made with micro-transactions in mind. You have the ability to buy plants, to buy costumes for your plants and to buy the in-game currency. There has been a lot of backlash against these decisions and the game recently got ane update, which I think tried to fix most of these issues people have been having. Previously the game contained keys which unlocked doors opening up new paths for you to collect new plants. These keys dropped in the levels on the main path and did so very rarely and you needed to spend a lot of time grinding the levels, OR buy keys using real money. I haven’t played through the game since this update and can’t say whether it’s better or worse now, but it seems to have gotten a bit shorter and less repetitive than before.

Rymdkapsel, which is a Swedish word and means ‘space capsule’, is a strategy game where you build a space station to try to fight off invading forces. You have different resources and different building that are used to harvest these resources. You build and collect resources with small characters you have on-board, these are also used to fight off the invaders using defensive buildings. It’s pretty simple, but what makes it unique is the look and gameplay that comes with that look. Each building is like a platform shaped like different Tetris-looking blocks. You have to build and choose how to place each building so that you can stretch out and reach the next source of resources with as little platforms and money used as possible.


It’s a fairly short game and only have three missions for you to complete before the game is over. There is something of a high score system built-in so if you like perfecting your strategy and reaching higher scores it might be something for you. But I was baffled at the short length of the game. I felt as if I’d just begun and then I realized I’d won the game and done everything there was to do. I do think it’s a well-done and original game, and although it’s of a higher price than most games in the app stores it’s well worth your money. You get a handful of hours out of the game, but it won’t continue any further than that initial level. It’s still great, but the enjoyment I felt after getting over that hump was quickly destroyed by the sudden ending of the game.


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