Day 01. Last Film I Saw

I don’t know about you, but the last film I saw was John Carpenter’s the Fog from 1980. I saw this movie with my brother during a movie session paired together with The Road Warrior. The story about a small town along the Californian coast-line that celebrates it’s hundredth year. On the night previous to the celebration is when hidden secrets gets reveled and a mysterious fog starts rolling in from the ocean.

the-fog-titleThe horror master, John Carpenter has become one of my favorite movie directors. It wasn’t that many years since I first saw The Thing and started searching for more work from the name infront of the movie title. My dad has always loved his film Escape from New York, though I don’t know that I’ve ever watched it with him. I don’t think all too many post-80’s children know of John Carpenter’s work, they’ve probably heard the names like the Escape from-movies and Halloween but I don’t think they would go seek them out on their own.

I’ve been slowly and steadily working my way through his catalog. Most of his films has been a great viewing, Escape from New York and The Thing are of-course two classics that has lived on in the halls of great movies. I really loved Halloween, I didn’t think it would be all too great at first, just some slasher movie among others. But there was something in the craftsmanship of that movie that really talked to me. Assault on Precinct 13 was another great movie, the premise is simple, a huge hoard of thugs starts attacking an old police station and the people inside has to bunker down and withstand their assault. Time just flew by as I saw this film, a really great movie. There’s something about John Carpenter, he’s got his own style, tone and touch which I greatly appreciate.

the-fog-radioThe Fog which was released in 1980 and right before the film director’s fame sky-rocketed with 81’s release of Escape and 82’s science fiction the Thing, was good enough. I didn’t love is as much as most of his other movies, though it was a fun watch. A interesting tale of an entire town as we follow multiple members of the small fishing community as things starts to go south when the crew on-board a fishing boat turns up dead.

There’s the local radio lady, positioned in a lighthouse who notices the strange fog on her radar and starts reporting it’s activities on air. A duo of a local male and a drifter who’s new to town, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, going around town to investigate the strange things that has started happening. A mayor and her assistant in the middle of unveiling a statue proclaiming the hundred years that the town has stood. As well as the local priest who in the beginning of the film finds a book hidden in the walls of his church and reads the real history behind their town.

the-fog-crossThis was, I thought, the weakest of all John Carpenter’s movies. I gave it three stars on Letterboxd, but then that says a lot about what I think of John Carpenter’s work if his weakest film got a three star rating. I haven’t seen his later films, I understand that he’s quality has deteriorated with age, but why should this bother me when his other films has been so great.

What’s the last film you saw? If you’ve read about my thought on The Fog you should also share atleast the title of the film you last saw. Or would you much rather defend the quality and relevance of John Carpenter’s The Fog, or praise and share your views on his catalog? Go right ahead and be the first to leave a post.



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