Day 02. A Film You’ve Seen Countless Times

I don’t know about you, but one of the movies, if not the movie I’ve seen most is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York from 1992. It’s one of those movies I had on a VHS-tape and would watch over and over and over again. I don’t think I had the first movie in my little TV-recorded collection of tapes, but the second I had along with many other weird gems like Romancing the Stone and Independence Day.home-alone-2-poster

The movie, as it always is, was on TV during Christmas. I flipped among the channels and stopped and saw about 2 seconds of a throwaway scene with a little bit of music. Kevin wasn’t even visible on-screen at the time, it was a shot of the Twin Towers roof-top when Kevin is exploring the city. I guessed the film in just that small amount of time and with nothing else to go on but the non-informative imagery and the music, that’s how many times I’ve seen this film and it has locked itself into my brain.

There haven’t been to many times since my youth that I’ve re-watched the film, but I did re-watch a couple of years ago when a podcast called The Comedy Button released a commentary track for it. It was a fun way of re-experiencing the film and a shock getting to see how weird and brutal this movie actually is. Those bandits should really be dead and Kevin should be in a psych-ward, or something. Kevin is scary, he seems to be that weird kid you wouldn’t want your own children to play with. Pale with a strange glans in his eyes, always a bit to fixated on his tape-recorder and speaking in a calm if not emotionless tone. The joke that Home Alone 2 is a prequel to the torture-porn franchise Saw has been uttered before, but there’s something to it.


To with age bring a new set of eyes onto a film you watched a lot as a child isn’t anything new, it happens often. And looking at Home Alone 2 it’s obvious why children would enjoy it, Kevin gets to do what-ever he wants in a big hotel with all expenses paid with his fathers credit card. Eating large bowls of ice-cream, watching violent movies, going around New York city in a limo while eating pizza and go toy browsing in one of the finest toy stores ever. He gets to reach havoc, setting up traps involving fire and flying anvils, throw bricks of rooftops onto attackers heads and pour some slippery substance on the floor for the sole purpose of cracking some skulls. Those two thick-headed thieves are the best thing a kid like Kevin could ever get for Christmas.

Of course it help when you’re a rich kid with a credit card to throw around, even though it soon gets reported as stolen. But then this is a movie written by John Hughes and his work is nothing but filled to the brim with gangs of privileged white people. Then again Kevin, after doing what ever he wants with his fathers credit card befriends a homeless pigeon-lady and donates some money to the poor. But what-ever, I probably fast forwarded through those scenes just to get to the massacre in the vacant apartment.


Enough about me, I want to know what film you’ve seen countless times. Is it something from your childhood collection or something more recent that you’ve seen so many times you know it by heart? Would you like to share somethings on Home Alone 2 I forgot to mention? Go right ahead, I do believe the comment section is open for anyone with the ability to form a few sentences.



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