Day 03. A Film You Can Watch Over And Over

I don’t know about you, but The Trip is for me a film a would be able, and has watched over and over. It’s one of those films I’ve watched two times back to back the first time I saw it. Released back in 2010 it was first broadcast on British TV in a six episode long season and was then edited to a shorter film. The film stars actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictional characters of themselves as they go on a restaurant tour through England.the-trip-title

Steve Coogan plays an actor who seems stuck in his career without a significant role under his belt, and without a successful family and love life. While his partner Rob Brydon is happily married with a new-born child at home and a steady career. The film mostly features scenes of Coogan having sex or talking on the phone, driving on curvy British country-roads or the dinner’s themselves which is the purpose behind them going on this road-trip together. The meals are mostly spent with Brydon and Coogan competing over who of the two does the best impressions. The film feels highly improvised, I haven’t seen the TV-series but I would think there are more of those improvisation in the 30 minute times 6 episode version than in the 107 minute feature film.

The reason why this is a film I would be able to watch over and over is almost to a hundred percent because of the characters. They are highly likable and are really relate-able. Coogan having a hard time staying off drugs and keeping a serious relationship, but also wanting to have a serious career and finding it hard to keep trying to find his gem as age builds up.


Brydon who is the opposite, watching Coogan secretly wanting to be able to have Brydon’s life but also see him making fun of Brydon. Brydon who is a little bit of an irritating character, the way he seems so overtly happy and unhindered let’s his imitations go overboard. They act like siblings, admiring and wanting what the other has but not letting the other see.

the-trip-phoneIt’s a fun and pleasant character study with lots of great shots of gray mist, asphalt and brown mud with spots of green grass, trees in the background and the sky above. The car passes these terrains along to a soundtrack including Joy Division’s Atmosphere, among other songs.

As I did my research (checked Wikipedia) I noticed that the TV-series was a sequel to a 2006 film, and also that they’ve filmed a second season which will be airing this year. So it seems I don’t have to watch The Trip over and over anymore I can just watch the prequel and soon to be sequel instead.

Time has come for you to share, share you’re own film that you can watch over and over for what ever reason. Is yours also The Trip, are you as happy as me for there soon being another season available? Nah, you’ve probably got another movie. Leave a comment!



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