Day 04. Your Favorite Film Soundtrack

I don’t know about you, but I mostly find myself listening to the soundtrack for Ridley Scott’s 1982 film, the brilliant science-fiction film Blade Runner, soundtrack composed by Vangelis. I love this film, love it and has spent hour listening to people discuss it and watched a documentary about it. Of course I’ve seen the different cuts of the movie, including the horrible theater cut with Harrison Ford’s phoned-in voice-over. There’s also, as I write, a book being sent my way, Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ which Blade Runner’s loosely based upon. But even with all these hours spent on these different things, it won’t add up to as much time as I’ve spent listening to its soundtrack.


It’s mostly a sad sounding record depicting a run down city. Vangelis takes influences of the jazz-era, takes out the gut wrenching elements, and puts in through his synthesizer. Most of the songs are featuring a crying saxophone playing in a really slow tempo over an ambient landscape. It’s a really somber and romantic soundtrack to a film which is both action and romance in a dystophic-world feature. It’s a grieving record to the future where thirst for new technology has brought with it a city with a thick black cloud hanging over it. Of course it’s hard to have other images than neon-lights reflected in the rain water of the gutter as I associate the music to the film so heavily, but it seems to be a perfect fit.

A lot of the sounds of this soundtrack seems to be so in the 1980’s soundtrack landscape. It seems to be the polar opposite of something like Miami Vice, though you could see how the two were made during the same era using some of the same instruments. It’s in the same ballpark, just not the same sport.


This is a perfect soundtrack for an otherwise perfect film. It fits with the camera-work and enhances the tone and story of the film. This is one of my favorite films and the soundtrack is one of my favorite albums, period.

Time has come again for you to share, if you would, your own favorite soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the film or listened to its soundtrack I highly recommend you to do so. Until next time (tomorrow), good-bye.



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