Day 06. A Film You Want To Watch In A Theater

I don’t know about you, but for this post I’ve got a great answer. Since the first time I saw this epic movie in my home I’ve wanted to experience it on the big screen. With its huge beautiful landscape pictures and classic music theme this is a picture that strives for a stamp as one of cinemas most epic works and achieves it. It’s also been made rather topical due to the recent death of the films lead-actor. The film I’m talking about is the British film by director David Lean, a story of T.E. Lawrence, portrayed by recently deceased Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.


Everything is large in scale, the 200+ minute long story, the huge soundtrack, and the images themselves. Filled with sand these large, wide pictures look like live paintings as our hero Lawrence travels through the desert and the desert itself travels in the wind. The story which with its interlude half way through the film makes it feel like the longest story I’ve ever heard, even though the hobbits has barely reached Rivendale yet. Scored by Maurice Jarre is bombastic and really fills the room every time you hear it.

This feels like a gem from a bygone era, an era where film wasn’t viewed in the home but only in theaters. It’s strange because the 60’s when it comes to music doesn’t feel that long ago, but with Lawrence of Arabia I want a large cinema with room for a real-life orchestra. All the visitors are dressed up, for this is an event. During the break between the first and second part people leave the theater and mingle by the bar and popcorn-machine. Then as they return are greeted by the theme music as they go through the darkened room to find their seats, and before resuming their film-watching.


It’s only a dream, I don’t think this has ever happened except during some masquerade perhaps. But something in Lawrence of Arabia wants me to buy and manage a cinema just so that I can make this happen. I think I might have to leave and check online for the nearest viewing of this fifty year old film. Please leave your own choice for a film you’d want to see in the theater.



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