Day 07. A Film You Watched In School

I don’t know about you, but I probably watched more than the average amount of films while in school. Except for the occasional film during slow periods towards the end of a term as a child I’ve also studied film during high-school and afterwards a one year-long film-making course at a community college. Films like The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Seven Samurai can be expected works of cinema to examine and analyse during film class. But the film I’m going to highlight is one I saw during my film class in high-school, as we had our grade summarization at the end of the course our teacher put on the 2006 film Tekkonkinkreet.


This was a theater who I’d had during religious and language studies before this course, and I would never expect her to be a fan of Japanese animation. But now that the course had ended she saw the opportunity to share with us something she herself was a great fan of, and we got this weird yet beautiful picture of two brothers living on the street of the fictional dystopian city of Treasure Town. What I remember is that these two orphans, named Black and White are trying to protect the city from intruding gangsters who are trying to take control of the city. It was a beautifully made film with a detailed world that felt like a lot of man hours had been put into it. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to see the whole film during class, and I’ve never revisited it since.

My view of her really changed when she put this film on. She was a small, energetic, near-pension woman who hadn’t shared any of her interest in anime before this moment. And I’d never though of the possibility of people born in the western-world before the 80’s being fans of this Asian style of animation.


Okay, that’s that, time for you, the reader (if you exist) to share some of your film viewing during school. Did you find a new favorite or was something spoiled for you on a small TV-screen in a room of uninterested teenagers? Why don’t you scroll down and leave me a reply in our comment section below? Share your experience and a piece of yourself.



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