Day 09. Your Favorite Classic Film

I don’t know about you, but the term classic films might be a bit fuzzy in its description. I’ve done some shallow reading on the subject and has drawn the conclusion that my choice for this day should be correct. There are talks of style, era and critics responds. The golden age of Hollywood with its normalization, and quite boring, straight and square form of film making. You could point to the old Hollywood studio system, a time when actors were under movie studio contracts. Or any film that would be regarded one of the greats, a film that stands the test of time and can be seen as a pillar of great art.


My choice, oh yes my choice today is, my favorite classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Made by Frank Capra it stars James Stewart as a kind and generous man in Bedford Falls, a small town community in the state of New York. His name is George Bailey and ever since he was a young boy he’s wanted to explore the world and travel on adventure in far-away lands. He has also always been James Stewart - it's a wonderful lifekindhearted and selfless, for example he sacrificed his hearing in his left ear to save his brother from drowning under the ice when they went sledding.

George’s father Mr. Bailey was the owner of the local bank, and upon his death George continues along his father’s path on a never ending  battle with the greedy and power-hungry Mr. Potter. He seeks to put Bailey out of business and take over the town, to make as much money for himself on the cost of its residents. It’s a losing fight as George Bailey constantly has to sacrifice his own hope and dreams to keep Bedford Falls out of Mr. Potter’s hands.

The film follows George from a boy until he’s an old father married with Mary, together they have a lot of children living in an old house Mary renovated herself. its-a-wonderful-life-3We follow him as all his old high-school friends move away and start new lives else where. We follow him through the seconds World War where his brother got an honorary medal for his service. But through all this George Bailey is stuck fighting the battles of Bedford Falls, and as time goes on he gets beaten down.

I doubt any reader of the ninth part in a series about movies hasn’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life before, but if you’re out there I’m not going to go through the entire film. You should see it, and try to watch it in its original black-and-white and not the colorized version of the film.

So how about you, what film out of the many that might be considered classical would you like to highlight as your most favorite? Is it maybe the noir classic Maltese Falcon starring the great Humphrey Bogart, or the lengthy Gone with the Wind, or why not the undisputed classic of all classics Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Give us your opinion in the comment section below this text.



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