Day 10. Your Favorite Documentary Film

I don’t know about you, but I can almost watch any documentary film at any time. There is just something about documentaries that fit into my life no matter which mood I’m in. It doesn’t even matter which topic or event it sets out to explore, I’m always along for the ride when it comes to this genre of films. And out of all the many great documentaries I love, We Were Here, The Devil and Daniel Johnston and Hearts of Darkness I am going to choose Dig!.dig-title

A documentary cut together from several years of filming this is a film about two bands and their relationship. On one hand we have a band that’s constantly on brim of collapse lead by a mad genius who is too unconventional for his own good and on the other a band that’s tight, gets along and who isn’t afraid to make radio-friendly alternative rock music. It’s a tale of admiration, jealousy and the love-hate-relationship between the Dandy Warhols and the Jonestown Massacre.

The two bands are just starting their journey to becoming the next big band, with a lot of partying and musical exploration. There are a lot of footage from live appearances by the bands and behind the scenes antics. But then the Dandy Warhols manages to get a hit single done and the interest from labels peak, they are offered contracts, music videos and world tours. But their old friends from the Jonestown Massacre doesn’t quite seem to get it together, and as tensions starts to build between the two the constantly mind-altered frontman of the Jonestown Massacre starts to stalk members of Dandy Warhols and becomes stranger and even stranger.


It’s a journey through drugs, break-ups, weird studio deals and weirder recording projects. Fights on and off stage it’s a train going of its rails and wrecking a psychologically troubled yet talented musicians career and life. There are situations of people wanting to help and wish good luck, but also situations of audiences pouring gasoline into an already devastating fire.

So then now that you know about my favorite documentary film let me and other readers know of yours. Or why not try argue my choice of documentary film. This and much more you can write down below in the comment section, there’s plenty of room.



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