Day 12. A Film That You Got Spoiled

I don’t know about you, but…

(Spoiler Warning: “Se7en”)

…I did this one to myself, this story is about two separate viewings of the same movie and it goes like this. One evening I was laying in bed, sapping through the channels as you do when this scene from a movie came up on-screen. It was of a big car driving through a desert. I didn’t know what film it was at the time, I hadn’t planned on watching it I just watch it because there was nothing else on at the time.


Now let me explain somethings, I don’t really remember when it was that I saw this scene, but I have three facts that could point me in the right direction. First of all Se7en was released in 1995 and it would probably take a while for the film to broadcast on Swedish television. Secondly I remember where I lived at the time, and when you live with a mother who likes to move around a lot it can help to know where you where. And lastly I couldn’t be too old because I hadn’t seen either Fight Club or Twelve Monkey’s yet, because I didn’t recognize who Brad Pitt were. So this would suggest that I was in my early teens.

So the scene plays along, the van drives through the desert and the thing that happens in Se7en happens. A head in found in a box and Brad Pitt’s character can’t restrain his anger but shoots Kevin Spacey as Morgan Freeman stands off to the side trying to talk him out of firing his raised weapon.


Now it’s time to forward the tape a couple of years to a time when I’m in my later teens. I’m attending high school, and instead of doing my homework I’m mostly watching a lot of films. I’ve seen some of the greats and I’ve learned who all the components of this scene are. We have the director David Fincher who has become my favorite director next to Terry Gilliam and Danny Boyle. After seeing Fight Club I wanted to seek out everything he has made and devour it. So I get my hands on a film named Se7en.

I didn’t think I’d seen it and it was this big hole in David Finchers filmography which I hadn’t seen. I remember liking the film, it was graphical and dark looked a bit like Fight Club in its color scheme and filthy scenography. It also starred Brad Pitt in a bit less crazy role, though it was Brad Pitt none-the-less. I was really into it and wondered where it was going to go.

The film went its course until a van was speeding down a dusty road in an orange colored desert and I thought I’d seen this somewhere before. My mind started to search for a connection between this scene and some other I’d seen before, you know like when you recognize someone on the street and wonder where you know them from. Then my mind figured it out and I was sad I had. I remembered back to that time when I’d seen the final scene of a film I thought looked interesting and was disappointed when it ended. And this time I was disappointed that I knew how it would end.


Well I would hope this has never happened to you. Especially with a film during that late ninties era when all films seems to have had a twist ending. Although if you do have a great example of a time when someone spoiled a movie for you let us know. You can leave your comment in the section underneath, just scroll down and you’ll find it.



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