Day 13. Your Favorite Quote From A Film

I don’t know about you, but it seems to be time for Primer. Primer that low-budget science-fiction film about time travel, featuring a snappy dialog written and directed by Shane Carruth. Shane Carruth that person who I’ll mention from time to time be it related to the film Primer or his latest film Upstream Color, a film that came on to my list of favorite films from 2013. I adore Shane Carruth and I think that apart from his cinematic works he seems to be a great and greatly driven person that has had the good fortune to start a movie career so late in life.


Well, Mr Carruth’s film Primer and a quote I like, first of all if you don’t already know of Primer it is basically as my description up top a science-fiction film about time travel with a snappy dialog. But when it comes to the science-fiction it tries to put its emphasis on science instead of fiction creating an as realistic and smart depiction of time travel as possible. Two computer scientists stumble upon a creation that fascinates them and at the same time bothers them because they don’t understand what it is. After some tests they come to the fantastical conclusion that it’s a machine to use for time travel. It’s a quick film to watch and the puzzling plot ends just as you start to wrap your head around it. Many sites and sketches has been created and publish throughout the internet trying to explain and comprehend the events of the film.

Well I guess you have a well enough understanding of what sort of movie Primer is now. I could also point you to an old post by Ken where he shares some of his views on the film, Hands of Gold are Always Cold.


So then the moment we’ve been waiting for the quote. Here goes…

They took from their surroundings what was needed and made of it something more.

I think that’s a great quote about creativity in sparse environments and can also be about sacrificing some parts of life to be able to focus more energy on something else. It can be though about and dissected in many different ways I guess, but I like it as a quote and a sentence in a film.

If you know of a better quote from a film that you really like I would like to welcome you to our comment section. There’s one located beneath each post at all times, feel free to partake or create a discussion. A teacher of mine once said we have two ears and one mouth for the reason that we should listen more than we speak. To that I say we have ten fingers so type away.



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